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KUCCPS Fails To Account For Sh28m Paid For Students – Report

KUCCPS Fails To Account For Sh28m Paid For Students – Report

The Auditor-General has listed Sh28 million in unaccounted funds by the higher education placement board for the fiscal year 2020/2021.

A review of records provided by Kenya Universities and Colleges Central Placement Service (KUCCPS), which is part of the state department of technical and vocational training, revealed that the board overspent Sh28 million.

Gathungu explained that the disbursement was caused by non-citizens, duplicates, and students who did not provide index numbers.

“Analysis of the data revealed that twenty-seven (27) were non-citizens, 18,307 did not provide index numbers; and 2,726 were duplicates, leading to 161,328 validated students,” the report reads.

Gathungu, on the other hand, questioned why the enrollment numbers provided were not used to distribute the funds.

She says the management provided no explanation for why student data reconciliation was not completed.

The accuracy and completeness of the Sh28,005,000 capitation disbursements could not be confirmed either.

Gathungu, meanwhile, questioned the disbursement of funds to institutions during the lockdown period by the same state agency.

When there was a nationwide lockdown, students in higher education institutions were also unable to attend classes.

However, Gathungu clarified at the time that the agency was still distributing funds to schools.

“It further includes an amount of Sh2, 528,002,500 disbursed during the COVID-19 lockdown when students were not in session.” 

“In the circumstances, the disbursement was not a proper charge to public funds,” the report reads.

The records also show Sh11.8 billion in transfers to other government units.

This figure includes transfers to national government entities—current grants totaling Sh8.7 billion.

Gathungu identified Sh730 million in the same TVET department, which includes payments made to contractors in various institutions.

“Included in this amount are payments in respect of the construction of buildings amounting to Sh730, 165, 945,” Gathungu said.

However, the department was unable to provide supporting documents such as expenditure summaries, procurement procedures, and periodic architect’s valuation certificates for the project.

Still, Gathungu questioned Sh2.7 billion in TVET construction funds that were disbursed to various projects across the country.


She stated that the institutions receiving project funds were unable to provide any account statements to support the legitimacy of funds disbursed.

“In the circumstances, the accuracy, completeness, and validity of the capital disbursement amount of Sh2,710,510,124 could not be confirmed,” she said.

KUCCPS Fails To Account For Sh28m Paid For Students – Report



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