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Kenya National Library Services Benefit From Book Drive Donation

Kenya National Library Services Benefit From Book Drive Donation.

The Embu branch of Kenya National Library Services (KNLS) has received a Sh300,000 book drive donation from the Embu County Professional Development Association (ECPDA).

Embu County Professional Development Association Chairperson, Edward Kobuthi, stated when handing over the 1,000 books to Embu KNLS that the need to donate books to KNLS dates back to 2019 when they noticed poor performance in local schools.

He stated that after noticing poor performance in various schools in Embu, ECPDA began to conduct motivational talks in various schools, as well as donate books to schools and the KNLS, in order to encourage students to study.

Kobuthi went on to say that the professional body wants to foster a reading culture in the county, which is why books are being donated to KNLS, where students can walk in and borrow books to read at home or study at the institution.

At the same time, he urged Embu residents to elect leaders who understand the value of education so that the county-wide book donation drive can be supported.

Florence Muchiri, an ECPDA member, stated that over the last three years, school performance in the County has greatly improved as a result of their ongoing motivational talks in various schools and students being able to access books to read from KNLS.

James Maina, principal of St. Joseph’s High School in Gitibori, Siakago, and a beneficiary of the KNLS Mobile Library, stated that his students have improved academically as a result of donors bolstering the program through book donations.

At the same time, Maina encouraged the stakeholders who had come to see donated books being handed over to KNLS to invest in a reading culture so that they could stay young.

“If you don’t want to age, then you must invest in a reading culture and acquire new knowledge every day,” he said.

While appreciating the ECPDA’s generosity, Phylis Muchoki, a senior librarian at the Embu KNLS, stated that the ECPDA has been a great partner to the institution, allowing them to cover many schools in Embu, Tharaka-Nithi, and Kirinyaga counties.

She stated that the KNLS mobile library has benefited 900 primary and secondary schools, resulting in good academic performance in many schools across the three counties.


Furthermore, she stated that, despite the good academic performance seen in the three counties as a result of the KNLS Mobile Library, they are facing a fuel shortage to support the program.

Muchoki encouraged supporters to support a reading culture in Embu by replicating the ECPDA book drive donation gesture.

Kenya National Library Services Benefit From Book Drive Donation



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