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Floods Disrupt Learning At Several Schools In Kisumu

Floods Disrupt Learning At Several Schools In Kisumu

Floods have disrupted learning at several schools in Kisumu East Sub County, following heavy rains in the area over the last week.

According to Area Sub-County Education Officer Stanley Shitanda, the floods have wreaked havoc on Kasagam, St. Mark Nyabera, and Nyaimbo Primary Schools.

He stated that Nyaimbo Primary School was cut off from the neighboring community after the River Lwanda burst its banks, making it difficult for students to report to school.

According to the official, students were forced to wait for hours for the water to recede before entering the school.

Lower-level students have been asked to stay at home, while others have been relocated to classrooms that have not been impacted.


Students at St. Mark Nyabera, where water had clogged the morning, resumed classes in the afternoon after the water had receded.

Herbert Ogada, the head teacher at Nyaimbo Primary School, said the flooding had affected both students and teachers, making the road leading to the school impassable.

“The road to the school is not accessible in the morning so we have to wait for the water to drain. Some teachers and learners are forced to go back home since they get tired waiting for water to subside,” he said.

Shitanda told KNA that the government was monitoring the situation and that if the flooding continued, students would be relocated from the affected schools to safer grounds to ensure that learning could continue uninterrupted.

He also stated that the Ministry of Education was in contact with humanitarian organizations in order to secure assistance if the situation worsened.

He added that the Ministry was working with the county government and other government departments to dig trenches in the affected areas to allow free flow of water.

Floods Disrupt Learning At Several Schools In Kisumu



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