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Chinese Business Community To Pump More Resources Into Kenya’s Education

Chinese Business Community To Pump More Resources Into Kenya’s Education.

Chinese companies operating in Kenya have announced plans to invest more resources in the country’s education sector.

Aside from promoting industrialization, improving infrastructure, and creating jobs for locals, Chinese enterprises have attempted to direct their resources toward population training and capacity building in areas where they operate.

The enterprises pledged to contribute to local economic and social development through the Kenya China Economic and Trade Association.

In a statement issued Tuesday, the association pledged to continue paying attention to the learning environment in schools in order to “contribute to the sustainable development of education in Kenya.”

KCETA has funded and donated to schools over the years, particularly in informal settlements and rural Kenya, as part of its social responsibility programs and, more importantly, as a key pillar of South-South development cooperation.

Back in 2007, the association, in collaboration with the Chinese Embassy in Kenya, funded the construction of the Mcedo Beijing Primary School in Nairobi’s Mathare slums. They later raised Ksh. 55 million for school expansion.

“As a result of the “Expansion Project”, the student enrollment has increased from 360 to 526.

The association noted that the “Expansion Project” of Mcedo Beijing Primary School has renewed awareness of the importance of education in Mathare slums. For example, 1,554 students have completed their high school studies since 2007 when the school was established.”

There are 889 students who have completed technical college studies and 111 who have graduated from university and found jobs among those who have gone through the school.

“After graduating from Mcedo Beijing Primary School, many students went on to senior high school, technical colleges, and even university education, and then began working to support their families on their own,” KCETA stated.

On Thursday, representatives from the Chinese Embassy in Nairobi and the association will return to Mathare to deliver donations to the school they helped establish.

According to KCETA, the Embassy and Chinese enterprises will donate stationery items valued at Ksh. 718,500, including chairs, lockers, and tables.


Since the outbreak of Covid-19, KCETA has donated over Ksh 2 million to the school to cover meal costs, as well as additional protective equipment for students.

“These supplies are filled with care and expectations for each student. We also wish the students could become useful members of the society in later days, and write a new chapter for the progress and development of Kenya.”  The association announced the visit ahead of time.

Chinese Business Community To Pump More Resources Into Kenya’s Education



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