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CBC Play Initiative to Benefit 6,000 Learners

CBC Play Initiative to Benefit 6,000 Learners.

Over 6,000 children are set to benefit from a play initiative designed to improve their learning experience and foster a lifelong love of learning.

The Sh3 million Build a World Play campaign will also involve education officials in promoting the use of play in learning and assisting with the implementation of the Competency-Based Curriculum (CBC).

The program aims to engage children in reading and play activities along roadsides and at local schools.

It is designed to improve student’s literacy and numeracy skills, as well as other fundamental concepts, in grades one through three.

The project, which was launched by World Vision Kenya and the Kenya National Libraries Service (KNLS), will also benefit teachers and over 5,000 caregivers in Nairobi, Kakamega, and Narok counties.

Using a play-bus caravan aimed at early learners, schools, and parents, the KNLS will leverage established mobile libraries to promote literacy through play and reading.

KNLS chief executive Dr Charles Nzivo said during the launch in Nairobi on Wednesday that the campaign aligns well with what the organization has been doing to promote reading among children.

Through collaborations, some libraries’ children’s sections have been refurbished into colorful children’s corners stocked with relevant learning materials, such as books, audiovisual content, educational games, and toys.

He stated that the KNLS strives to provide child-friendly spaces and programs in libraries as well as through school outreach initiatives.

The initiative, according to World Vision Kenya acting National Director Geoffrey Kativa, highlights the power of play in improving learning outcomes among early learners.

Project collaboration

The project will be an integrated tool that will include county education officials, school heads, teachers, and caregivers in promoting play as a critical component in teaching early-years education.


“It will also ensure that the value of play for children’s holistic development and learning is widely understood and enacted in early-years education policies and reflected in resource allocations.”

Several schools, he added, are already benefiting from the project, with caregivers trained to develop teaching and learning resources, recognizing the critical role they play in a child’s educational success.

CBC Play Initiative to Benefit 6,000 Learners



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