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Education Ministry, KSSSA Agree To Revamp School Games

The Kenya Secondary Schools Sports Association (KSSSA) chairman Peter Orero has reassured stakeholders that sporting championships will commence this year.

The arrangement was reached during a four-day meeting attended by KSSSA officials and their counterparts from the Ministry of Education in Nakuru County.

Orero announced stated that KSSSA officials and their counterparts from the Ministry of Education are concerned that many gifted children have been denied an opportunity to advance their skills.

Since the covid-19 pandemic hit the country, KSSSA championships were suspended until further notice. In meeting at Nakuru, both parties agreed to a swift resumption of the championships to enable students to use their talent and potential in productive ways.

“The Ministry of Education called a stakeholders meeting to brainstorm on how co-curricular activities can resume in schools and colleges as soon as possible. We agreed that we cannot replace the talents currently being wasted by lack of activities in schools and colleges and have agreed in principle that co-curricular activities must begin soonest possible,” Orero.

The meeting which began on Sunday and concluded on Wednesday was attended by among others, representatives from Kenya Special Needs Education, Kenya Primary Schools Sports Association (KPSSA),

KSSSA, and those from Kenya Schools and Colleges Drama Festival.

The meeting came up with a programme for the resumption of co-curricular activities in learning institutions and colleges which was sent to Education Cabinet Secretary Professor George Magoha for approval.

Orero indicated that co-curricular activities might resume in July this year.

Last year, the Ministry of Education convened a meeting with top KSSSA officials in Kigari, Embu to outline guidelines for the

resumption of sporting activities.

During the retreat, KSSSA leaders made changes to rules that will be used to regulate school games and recommended ways of dealing with likely challenges during the implementation of Covid-19 protocols.

KSSSA championships were abruptly halted in March last year when Kenya announced its first confirmed Covid-19 case. At the period, Term One games including basketball, hockey, rugby, handball, and cross country had reached the regional level. The games are yet to resume.



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