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Education CS Magoha Accused Of Sidelining Lawmakers In Reopening Plans

Education CS Magoha Accused Of Sidelining Lawmakers In Reopening Plans.


Manyatta Member of Parliament (MP) John Muchiri of Embu county has called for a creation of a multi-sectoral team by Education Cabinet Secretary Prof. George Magoha to ensure that all the requirements needed for school safety are met. 


The legislature noted that the Non-Governmental Constituency Development Funds (NG-CDF) is very vital in enhancing infrastructural development adding that it was important for the Cabinet Secretary to involve stakeholders in education infrastructure programs.


He wondered how the education Cabinet Secretary moves in all constituencies in Kenya without money for infrastructure adding that executive direction for members of parliament to submit money to school infrastructural development could be helpful.


The member of parliament noted that neither the cabinet secretary, DC nor the Sub-county Director of Education has money for infrastructure. He faulted CS Magoha for not engaging key education stakeholders in the institutions reopening inspections.


The MP stressed that it is members of parliament who better understands the infrastructure of schools in their constituencies noting that when the state does not work closely with members of parliament communication breakdown will easily occur.


Hon. Muchiri said that more amenities such as classrooms should be provided for social distancing in schools in order to avoid coronavirus spread in learning institutions terming it wrong for Magoha to work alone, warning of many complications results in the cabinet secretary’s way of doing things.


Speaking in Kangaru Boys High School on 6th this month, the lawmaker insisted that it is still earlier for reopening of schools. The lawmakers said that in his constituency alone, no classrooms have been constructed and that NG-CDF is set to help the situation but no official in the Education Ministry nor the cabinet secretary has consulted him for the support.


Heads of schools in Manyatta constituency embraced his statement concurring that more funds are needed for the expansion of classes. The capacity requirement of a class is 25 learners. The heads are now calling for the government to intervene noting that 3 months are remaining before January.


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