Wednesday, March 22, 2023
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Education CAS Kinuthia Gives Way Foward To The Unpaid BOM Teachers Ahead Of School Reopening.

CAS Zack Kinuthia has finally responded to The Board Of Management (BOM) Teachers Dilemma Ahead Of School Reopening. The BOM teachers have continued to suffer as a good number of them are yet to receive their money. 

Some school heads claim that money has not hit their school accounts while in some institutions, half of the BOM teachers were paid while the others were left out. 

Some of the Board of Management teachers have accused their school principals of paying 'cat and mouse' games with their money. "Some principals are very evil… They received the money two weeks ago and are still doing nothing to pay bom teachers." Sammy Ochiel said. 

In response to the situation, CAS Zachary Kinuthia alias Son of the Soil has said that the two captions of BOM Teachers, the paid ones and the non paid are both right, noting that while the paid ones were grateful, the unpaid ones continued to suffer. 

" Those who are yet to be paid will need to do the following. Write to or Call Your Heads. If the Head has not yet received the money, the Head should write to the Sub County Director of Education. SCDE will escalate all the way to us. From here, I will act through the Line State Department." Said CAS Kinuthia. 

While admitting that the unpaid teachers were suffering, CAS Kinuthia asked the non paid teachers not to lose their calmness as things were not yet out of hands. He also asked teachers to stop attacking him privately because he had done nothing wrong in this matter but trying to fix the issue. 

"Don't lose your calm yet. And don't Insult me privately. I am not GUILTY. I am not the Arsonist. I am trying to put off the fire for you. You're badly affected," said Zackary Kinuthia. 

Technical institutes and primary schools teachers under the Ministry of Education also continue to complain about being ignored by the Government. "Didn't you consider their BOM teachers also, are they not equally important as those in secondary schools?" Patrick Msafiri asked. 


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