Thursday, March 30, 2023
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ECDE Teachers in Kitui Gets Permanent & Pensionable Employment

ECDE Teachers in Kitui Gets Permanent & Pensionable Employment

The Chairperson of Kitui County Public Service Board, Florence Makindi, apologised on Monday to Early Childhood Development Education (ECDE) teachers for taking too long to employ them on permanent and pensionable terms.

Makindi explained that the delay in making the move was due to the issue of the county’s growing wage bill. Kitui County is now the first county in Kenya to give ECDE teachers permanent and pensionable terms.

At the meeting with Makindi, more than 2,000 ECDE teachers gathered outside her office in Kitui town. Makindi announced that by the end of Monday, all eligible teachers would be granted permanent and pensionable status as directed by the Governor.

The notice inviting the teachers to the meeting stated that those nearing retirement age would be given retirement notice letters, whilst untrained teachers would be given a non-renewable three-year contract.

At least 140 ECDE teachers have reportedly reached retirement age. The work of ECDE teachers is vital for the future of the country, as they are responsible for laying the foundation of the future through imparting good values and morals to children.

The announcement is a significant step in recognising their contribution to the development of the country.

The move is expected to encourage ECDE teachers to perform their duties to the best of their abilities since they can now enjoy the benefits of being a permanent and pensionable employee of the county government.

The decision by the Kitui County government is seen as a positive development. There have been many reports of temporary workers in Kenyan counties, including ECDE teachers, being mistreated, with many not being paid on time or at all.

Some have been laid off without compensation. Such treatment has often led to demonstrations and strikes, which have disrupted education services in some areas.

The employment of ECDE teachers on permanent and pensionable terms should, therefore, be seen as a positive example of how county governments can improve working conditions and strengthen morale in their workforce.

The Governor of Kitui, Julius Malombe, and the Kitui County Public Service Board have set a great example for other counties in Kenya.

The fact that Kitui has become the first county to give ECDE teachers permanent and pensionable terms will undoubtedly be a source of inspiration to other county governments to follow suit.

With the addition of permanent and pensionable employees to its workforce, Kitui will likely attract and retain a more professional and experienced workforce. The move will also improve service delivery, which will benefit the people of Kitui County.

ECDE Teachers in Kitui Gets Permanent & Pensionable Employment


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