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EACC Holds Varsity Conference To Nurturing Students

EACC Holds Varsity Conference To Nurturing Students

The Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC) has opened the first Nyanza Universities Integrity Clubs Conference, which aims to develop the character and conduct of youth.

The two-day conference entitled “Modeling Integrity through University Integrity Clubs” began wednesday at Tom Mboya University in Homa Bay, Kenya, and is scheduled to conclude on Thursday.

The Ministry of Education, in partnership with the East African Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC), established Integrity Clubs in schools and institutions of higher education to combat corruption issues at an early stage.

This event brought together student leaders from the universities of Tom Mboya, Maseno, Kisii, Rongo, Great Lakes University of Kisumu, Jaramogi Oginga Odinga, and Uzisa in Nyanza.

During the ceremonial opening of the Conference, Vincent Okongo, Director of Preventive Services at EACC, stated that the Conference provides a forum for sharing best experiences  among university integrity clubs in the broader Nyanza region.

According to a poll published by the EACC in December of last year, the corruption problem is most prevalent among university universities.

Okong’o stated, “The industry is full of corruption and most of them are from universities, a situation that makes us bring together university leaders for training.”

The Director stated that the initiative is the Commission’s long-term policy geared toward a value-driven society.

“I’m glad that some impacts of the Commission’s efforts have been witnessed, especially the reduction of strikes in the learning institutions.”

He emphasized that youths may protect integrity by being society’s champions, by promoting positive values, and by actively participating in leadership.

Moses Lilan, the county commissioner of Homa Bay, stated that combating corruption is everyone’s right and duty, and that the vice can only be handled by the cooperation and participation of all members of society.

Lilan stated that corruption violates human rights, harms security, fuels organized crime, corrodes our economy, and stifles prospects for development, therefore locking individuals in cycles of inequality and poverty.

“Integrity is earned and not purchased. You have to do a lot of work to instil it in yourself,” said Lilan.

He emphasized that corruption must cease since communities are losing resources and innumerable chances to progress and obtain better lifestyles.

Prof. Bernard Muok (Homa Bay County Secretary), Johnson Njuguna (Ministry of Education), University Vice Chancellors Charles Ochola (the host) and Prof. Samwel Gudu (Rongo University), and Stephen G. Agong (Kisumu Platform Director) were also present.

EACC Holds Varsity Conference To Nurturing Students


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