Saturday, March 25, 2023
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E-learning Is Not Being Replaced By Community-Based-Learning. PS Kipsang Says.

Education Permanent Secretary Dr Belio Kipsang on Tuesday said that plans are in place to benefit learners from marginalized communities with community based learning. He however distanced from the claims that CBL is there to replace virtual learning adding that both CBL and virtual learning are complementary. 

He said Community-based-learning is meant to provide the disadvantaged learners such as those in rural areas with opportunity to access education noting that it's impossible to substitute both Virtual learning and Community-based-learning. 

Kipsang revealed that mapping of teachers and learners is ongoing in order to identify the number of leaners who have been unable to access online learning. Mapping will enable the Ministry of Education to identify halls, grounds and places where learning will take place. 

Speaking on spice FM on Tuesday, Kipsang noted that school grounds, community fiels and playing grounds will help meet the program agenda. He revealed that over 300,000 educators have registered for the program and commitees put in place to analyze the situation in all counties. 

He promised that the program might begin by 2nd of August this year at national level adding that CBL has already been implemented in a few villages, where teachers got educated on how to cope with the situation. 
He assured the country that the government will give out soaps and masks but for schools to reopen, Covid-19 infection rate must flatten

He joined Education CS in saying that there's a probability of reopening learning institutions should the infection rising trend fluctuates as expirenced now. He added that since the Covid-19 situation is unpredictable they have to engage learners in various ways such as in community based learning. 

According to Kipsang, around 6.5 kenyan billion shillings is needed to enhance schools infrastructure before reopening. He admitted that Kenya neeeds a better different mode of learning that will help us when we face such problems in future noting that virual programs should be included in learning. 

The Community-based-learning has been echoed by Kuppet secretary general Mr Misori who said that the program will help in the current situation adding that teachers should not feel like they are being punished by engaging learners in villages. 

Parent however could not buy Magohas's idea of reopening schools in January a move that saw parents in court seeking an order for education ministry to reopen third term learning in schools. The also want an order that will prevent Community-based-learning from taking place. 




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