Saturday, March 25, 2023
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Drama As Two People Masquerading As BOM Teachers Are Arrested In Migori During Kuppet Elections.

A man and a lady have been arrested after sneaking into Migori Teachers College Hall, the venue of KUPPET’s election, the two were masquerading as BOM teachers and were making their way to vote before being noticed.

The 23-year-old teacher was accused of attempting bribery during the heated KUPPET election in Migori County. The election had few observers due to strict Covid-19 protocols.

Many teachers blamed the laxity of security officials for turning a blind eye to irregularities amid reports that some candidates had resorted to bribing their way into the voting hall to safeguard their interests.

“We were told that the elections were to begin at, we started it at 10.30. Again we also see voter bribery where some teachers are marked outside the polling room and then they come and pick non-teachers rather. Actually, these are people who are not even in the register.” One aspirant said.

“We have seen people who are not even in the register vote even before the cameras, even the media and police are just watching. We want KUPPET Migori branch to be given back to the people and the people we are referring here are teachers. Let teachers elect their leaders.” Said a teacher at the polling centre.






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