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Don’t Interfere With Bursary Allocation, Politicians Cautioned

Don’t Interfere With Bursary Allocation, Politicians Cautioned

Governor Jeremiah Lomorukai has chastised politicians for interfering with the allocation of the County Skills Development Fund.

“The County bursary funds have an act that guides its distribution.

“The Skills Development Fund Act will be followed to the letter and the leadership of the County Assembly, including the minority and majority leaders, are aware.” The Governor said.

Turkana County Government has allocated Sh372.7 million to the Skills Development Fund, which will benefit over 20,000 needy students.

Speaking yesterday after the Sunday service at the PAG Church Kalemnyang, Lomorukai promised to repay wananchi for their overwhelming votes and trust in him by maintaining transparency and better accountability in county governance.

The Governor praised MCAs who agreed to collaborate with him on a bipartisan basis. He informed residents of discussions with County Assembly members to amend the Skills Development Fund and increase allocation to meet the massive demand for school fees from needy students.

Lomorukai later addressed a public baraza in the area, stating that his leadership will not be based on empty power, but rather on development with equal representation from all corners of Turkana.

He shared his ambitious plan to address water challenges in most of the county, beginning with Lodwar Municipality and its environs and progressing to other regions.

Lomorukai stated that drought-affected areas such as Turkana East had been prioritized in the current relief cycle, but assured that the County Government had procured additional relief food for the remaining regions.

Despite being from a different political party, the Governor vowed to work with President William Ruto as the elected Head of State.

Acting County Chief Officers James Lokwale (Water Services) and John Korikel (Infrastructure, Transport, and Public Works), as well as Chief of Staff Peter Yoromoe and acting Director for Peace Building and Conflict Management Geoffrey Apedor, accompanied the Governor.

Don’t Interfere With Bursary Allocation, Politicians Cautioned


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