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Disbelief as Form Two Girl Stabs Her Father Over Supper

Disbelief as Form Two Girl Stabs Her Father Over Supper

In the village of Ndindiruku, Kirinyaga County, a 17-year-old girl killed her father in a fight over dinner. The villagers were shocked and couldn’t believe what had happened.

Sunday night, Justus Mutiso, 34, was pronounced dead upon arrival at Kimbimbi Sub-County Hospital after his daughter stabbed him in the chest.

Witnesses say that Mr. Mutiso was trying to punish his Form Two daughter for being bad, but he was killed when she attacked him.

Mr. Mutiso arrived home at 10:30 p.m. to discover that his wife, Magdalene Muthoni, had left for church services.

He requested that his daughter serve him dinner, but she refused, claiming that it was not one of her domestic responsibilities.

This infuriated Mr. Mutiso, who sought to lash her as a result.

The child got away and told her mother about what happened at a church about 500 meters from their home.

Ms. Muthoni left the prayer meeting with her daughter, returned home, and fed her husband.

Mr. Mutiso subsequently accused his daughter of disobedience and swore to cane her.

He confronted her again, but she defended herself by grabbing a kitchen knife and striking him on the left side of his chest, knocking him to the ground.

Neighbors reacting to a ruckus saw the man unresponsive and took him to the hospital, but he died before arriving.

Upon receiving a tip, the police hurried to the scene and apprehended the girl, who was then taken to the Wang’uru Police Station for interrogation.

According to Mwea East police chief Daniel Kitavi, the incident is being investigated as a murder.

Once detectives conclude their investigations, he said, the student will face a capital charge.

“We are holding the girl following what transpired and she will be prosecuted,” said Mr. Kitavi.

Residents stated that the incident was isolated.

“When we heard that the girl had killed her father, we were shocked. In our village, we have never had such a case and this is a unique one. We are still terrified,” Veronica Wanja said.

The matter might have been addressed amicably, according to Ms. Muthoni.

“I had to abandon the prayers on receiving information that he required to be served supper. I rushed back home and did my duty as a wife but sadly, what followed left me equally shocked,” she said.

She stated that she never imagined her daughter would have the audacity to murder her own father’s life.

The area chief said that the murder weapon was found and will be used as proof when the suspect goes to court.

Bancy Kanini, a family member, reported that she was at home when she learned that Mr. Mutiso had been murdered in a marital dispute.

Ms. Kanini, the victim’s sister, stated, “I hurried to the location as soon as I heard the news, and I was informed that Mr. Mutiso had been transported to the hospital bleeding severely.”

Ms. Kanini requested that the police guarantee justice be served.

“The suspect stabbed my brother to death and she must be punished in accordance with the law,” she said.

The number of murders in the region is increasing. Since January, more than 26 people have been brutally killed, causing citizens and religious leaders concern.

The majority of homicides are attributed by religious leaders to family disputes and drug usage.

Disbelief as Form Two Girl Stabs Her Father Over Supper


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