Wednesday, March 22, 2023
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Detectives Begin Investigating Teachers Over School unrest.

Detectives Begin Investigating Teachers Over School unrest.

A multiagency security team in the Kaloleni sub-county is piecing together evidence that could lead to the arrest and prosecution of more students and teachers in connection with school unrest.

According to Kaloleni sub-county police commander Ezekiel Chepkwony, at least five teachers are under investigation for incitement.

Security agencies, according to Chepkwony, have shifted the investigation to teachers who allegedly incite students to riot.

In the sub-county, two teachers and four students have already been charged.

Joaninah Wangeci Kabugu and Nicholas Ouma Gor of St Georges High School pleaded not guilty to incitement charges in front of Mariakani Principal Magistrate Stephen Ngii.

They were given a Sh20,000 cash bail or a Sh50,000 bond with a Sh50,000 surety.

“We are investigating two more teachers at St Georges and some students. We are also investigating teachers at Mnazi Mmwenga, Ngala memorial and Kinani secondary school,” he said

“We will not relent until all those who took part in the school unrest are apprehended.”

Kilifi county commissioner Kutwsa Olaka stated that student unrest had affected more than 18 schools and that more than two teachers and nine students had been taken to court to face charges.

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Five of them are located in the Kaloleni sub-county.

Olaka stated that the investigation was still ongoing and that additional students and teachers would appear in court once the investigation was completed.

Detectives Begin Investigating Teachers Over School unrest.


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