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Degree Controversies Threatening National Security – Matiang’i

Degree Controversies Threatening National Security – Matiang’i.

The ongoing controversies surrounding the integrity and academic qualifications of candidates seeking elective seats in the upcoming August General Election, according to Interior Cabinet Secretary Fred Matiang’i, pose a threat to the country’s security.

Speaking at a conference of Kenyan diplomats on election security preparedness at the Windsor Hotel in Nairobi on Thursday, the CS noted that such incidents were raising tensions throughout the country.

He stated that concerned parties are rallying their supporters to fight any allegations that they are not academically qualified to hold office.

Matiang’i noted that t’s unfortunate that men and women are debating whether or not some people went to school for entire days.

“The question of whether one possesses clearly stipulated requirements should be a straightforward yes or no issue,” the CS said.

“The nature of genuine education is that there is a trail of evidence left behind: there is a classmate who sat with you; there’s is a lecturer who remembers you; there must be records of an exam you sat for; there is a paper you wrote. Why would we be arguing about it?”

The CS then linked the degree debacle to an alleged increase in the number of unscrupulous individuals seeking elective seats in August.

In April, the CS expressed concern about an apparent increase in the number of people facing economic crime charges among those vying for seats in Parliament and county assemblies.

Following alleged intelligence reports that estimated that close to 40% of suspected criminals and their accomplices would successfully be part of the next government once the August polls were set and done, CS Matiang’i expressed his views.

He said that corruption and the deployment of large sums of money in ongoing campaigns are fueling corruption and creating security challenges, particularly around the sharing of funds among rival groups.


The CS, on the other hand, reassured the diplomats present that Kenya’s security situation was peaceful and urged them to encourage more direct investments in Kenya.

“Because these ladies and gentlemen are the ones who speak for our country, we’ve asked them to tell all our neighbors and friends in the region and further afield that we do not anticipate any problems. We want to continue our trade and our economic activities, “he said. 

Degree Controversies Threatening National Security – Matiang’i


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