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Current CPG Affecting Classroom Teachers Promotions – Kuppet

Mr. Omboko revealed that teachers in acting capacities are owed Sh1 billion.

Current CPG Affecting Classroom Teachers Promotions – Kuppet.

Mr. Omboko Milemba, national chairman of the Kenya Union of Post-Primary Education Teachers (Kuppet), says the current career progression guidelines (CPG) make it difficult for classroom teachers to advance unless they are in administrative positions.

The MP for Emuhaya constituency accused the Teachers Service Commission (TSC) of failing to confirm long-term teachers.

Mr. Omboko revealed that teachers in acting capacities are owed Sh1 billion.

According to KUPPET, which is now attempting to renegotiate their pay deal with the government, claims that the current one impedes teachers’ careers.

According to him, this amounts to overdue bills for services rendered, and the union is conducting research to determine the amount owed to these teachers.

“This is a pending bill that’s not quantified. This is an exploitation of labour by the TSC and the government.

“I’ve put a question in Parliament but I’m doing research with my office staff to back the numbers. It’s become impossible to be promoted unless you’re in administration,” said Mr Milemba.

He said the most affected are teachers in grades C3 and C4.

He stated that the government owes over Sh650 billion to suppliers of goods and services. He added that discussions were underway with the government to raise 100 billion shillings to pay a portion of the bills.

CBA review
Saturday during the union’s annual general meeting at St Columbans High School in Kitale, Mr. Milemba urged the TSC to review the 2021–2025 collective bargaining agreement (CBA).

Mr. Milemba stated that the five-year CBA will quantify promotions for deputy principals, department heads, and acting principals who have served for extended periods of time without compensation.

The union has proposed new teacher compensation packages to the commission. A teacher in Job group B1 is compensated with a base salary of Sh24,250.

If the union’s recommendations are adopted, the teacher will be promoted to job group D5 and receive a salary of Sh89,016.

The highest-paid teacher’s salary would increase from Sh148,360 to Sh237,376.

Mr. Milemba also petitioned the government to appoint the National Hospital Insurance Fund (NHIF) to administer the teachers’ medical insurance plan.

“The government should have in the first place allowed several medical insurers to offer services to teachers rather than having them locked to one,” he said.

Mr. Milemba claimed that teachers and their families have suffered as a result of Minet Kenya Limited’s current medical insurance scheme.

“As a government entity, the NHIF should not be challenged by private insurance providers to provide services to teachers and other government employees,” he said.

The lawmaker stated that it was ironic for NHIF to offer a comprehensive medical insurance package to some civil servants while Minet continued to provide services to teachers.

Furaha Lusweti, executive secretary of Trans Nzoia County and representative of the Waitaluk ward, stated that teachers are dissatisfied with the insurer’s services.

“We need a serious discussion on the cover. It is wrong to subject teachers to a single service provider without public participation,” he said.

The executive of Trans Nzoia Lands, Jeany Mutama, who is also the assistant treasurer of Kuppet, stated that the devolved unit will support matters aimed at economically empowering teachers.

Patrick Gacheru, director of Environment, Water, and Climate Change, urged teachers to participate in afforestation programs to increase the country’s forest cover.

Governor George Natembeya was represented by Education and Vocational Training executive Julie Kichwen, who stated that Early Childhood Development and Education caregivers will be hired on permanent and pensionable terms.

She added that funds had been allotted for a bolstered scholarship program to assist gifted children from modest backgrounds.

Current CPG Affecting Classroom Teachers Promotions – Kuppet


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