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Court tours scene where Meru university student leader was shot dead

The Meru High Court on Tuesday afternoon toured the scene where Meru University of Science and Technology (MUST) student leader Evans Njoroge was allegedly coldly executed by an Administration Police (AP) officer in a day-long protest two years ago.


Justice Patrick Jeremy Otieno listened to how a police patrol vehicle trailed rioting students in Kabebe village,2 kilometres from the university, where the student leader was reportedly gunned down in cold blood as he sought refuge in a farmhouse.

The Independent Policing Oversight Authority (IPOA) official Beatrice Atieno informed the court that the vehicle was tracked as it moved round towards the area, and it was near the scene when Mr Njoroge was executed.

She revealed to the court a scene within a secluded farm where the student leader, nicknamed Kidero, was shot dead under a tree, several yards from a residence where a family was having lunch.

Ms Atieno told the court that the police car then drove to Maua, approximately 40 kilometres from the shooting scene, before being driven back to Nchiru market in Tigania West where the university is located.

Mr Leaky Maina, who was attached to Miathene AP post, has been charged with the killing that happened on February 27th 2018.

However, the under tree session by the court was shortly interrupted by heavy rains and storm that pounded the region, forcing the court team to move to a little waiting room in the compound.

Justice Otieno together with another team of about 12 individuals filled the room as they sought to reconstruct the crime scene as the hearing continues today, on Wednesday.

Testify in camera

The prosecution wants some of the eyewitnesses to testify in camera for security reasons by using use pseudonyms. This will also redact statements of some of the witnesses.

Mr Maina has pleaded not guilty to the accusations and was released on Sh200,000 cash bail and Sh400,000 bond with surety.

He has also made applied to stop the prosecution from depending on data collected by IPOA as the main evidence in the case.

He alleges that IPOA is assuming the constitutional mandate of the Director of Public Prosecutions. The case continues today.


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