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KUCCPS Course Application, Revision – 2022/2023

Step by step simplified guide on Kuccps student portal

KUCCPS Course Application, Revision – 2022/2023

This is the application/revision portal for Kuccps courses. Please read these instructions thoroughly before submitting any applications.


  • You must be a Kenyan national.
  • You have not previously benefited from government sponsorship, i.e. You have never been placed by KUCCPS.
  • Minimum subject requirements apply to all programs. You will only be able to apply for a course if you meet the minimum requirements, but your selection will be based on your overall performance and available capacity.
  • By selecting the Programmes tab above, you can view the available programs and their requirements. Using the Institutions tab above, you can also search for courses by institution.
  • As you browse the programs, put those that pique your interest in the Course Basket.  This will allow you to work with a smaller list when putting together your final list of courses to apply for.
  • After you’ve decided on your courses, you’ll only need to enter the Programme Codes.
  • Use the Application/Revision tab to apply. Enter the Program Codes and press the Submit button.
  • A Ksh 1,500 application processing fee is levied (Students who applied in school and paid Ksh 500 should pay only Ksh 1,000 to revise their choices.) If you are revising/applying for the first time, you will be prompted for the M-PESA transaction code.
  • Enter the Transaction Code and click the Submit button.
  • Any subsequent changes to your application will require the same Transaction Code. As a result, it is recommended that you keep it.

How to Pay Using M-PESA

  1. Navigate to your Lipa na M-PESA Menu.
  2. Choose Pay Bill.
  3. Enter 820201 as the business number.
  4. Enter your KCSE Year and Index Number for the Account Number (no space)
  5. Send after entering your M-PESA PIN.


  • Do not make any payments until you have completed the above procedures or until the application deadline has passed!
  • Consideration of Multiple Categories
  • When applying to more than one category, such as a degree, diploma, craft certificate, or artisan certificate, you can choose to have the two categories considered concurrently during processing.
  • For example, if you apply for both a Diploma and a Craft Certificate, your Craft Certificate application will be considered if your Diploma application is unsuccessful.
  • If you choose not to use this option, only your Diploma application will be considered.

NOTE: If your application is placed in the second category, you will not be recalled for subsequent revisions.
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Follow the simple steps below to review/apply for Kuccps courses.

  • Please see the link below to the Kuccps student portal.
  • Enter your complete KCSE 2021 index number, KCSE year (2021), and password. As your initial password, enter your Birth Certificate No. / KCPE Index No. (as used in KCSE Exam Registration).
  • Then, click ‘login.’
  • Once logged in, navigate to the ‘Application/Revision’ tab.
  • Select ‘Apply Now’ in the next window.
  • Fill out the form with your course preferences (see below). Make sure you see the message ‘YOU MEET ALL MINIMUM SUBJECT REQUIREMENTS’ alongside the course and university you’ve chosen. Check the previous year’s clusters to increase your chances of being chosen.
  • Finally, press the’submit’ button.
  • You have completed your Mpesa payment.
  • The message ‘Please pay 1,500 to Paybill 820201’ will appear in the new window. 2021 is your account number… ‘Please enter the Transaction Code below.’ Follow these steps:
  • Select Lipa na Mpesa from your Mpesa menu.
  • Enter 820201 as the Business/Pay Bill Number, followed by the account number 2021indexnumber.


  • Enter the amount as Sh1,000 (for the first revision) or Sh1,500 (for the second revision) (for first application).
  • Enter your Mpesa and click “Send.”
  • Enter the Mpesa transaction code in the Kuccps portal to complete your application. Click the ‘Submit’ button.
  • Under the ‘application history’ tab, you can review your course selection. Please see the illustration below.

KUCCPS Course Application, Revision – 2022/2023



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