Friday, January 27, 2023
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Corporal punishment is not the answer to School unrest – Education stakeholders offers a solution.

Corporal punishment is not the answer to unrest in schools. This is according to education experts and stakeholders who on Friday held a consultative workshop to deliberate on increasing cases of arson in schools.

They are instead calling for the creation of special schools for unruly students.

“Create alternative schools for children who even after all efforts by the teachers and parents don’t comply with the school rules to the transition so that the incidence of unrest doesn’t avert the official policy of free and compulsory basic education.” Said Nicholas Maiyo, Chair of the National Parents Association.

“These schools should be structured in such a way that the character formation will be a major part of the curriculum even if it means that such children take longer to cover the normal curriculum.” Said Maiyo.

“We are trying to teach children as they grow up that violence does not solve any problem and the caning is telling them that if someone upsets you very much you can vent out on them with violence and and and so we think that that is not the way to go.” Said Emmanuel Manyasa, ED, Usawa Agenda.


Migori county director of education Elizabeth Otieno asked parents and leaders to impart discipline in their children to ease fight juvenile crime in schools.

She stated that crime can only be regulated in learning institutions if society changed its approach to addressing children’s wayward behaviour.

“Some parents have contributed to the moral decadence among children by not showing them the right way to do things,” she said.

The director noted that some parents or guardians have led their children into being hardcore criminals by standing with them whenever they commit crimes.

“My appeal to all parents and leaders is to ensure that our young people, whether in school or outside school, receive the best moral education to mould them into good people who cannot engage in bad activities anywhere in the country,” Otieno said.

“Only idle minds engage in criminal acts and activities that are not beneficial to society.”





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