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Competency-Based-Curriculum (CBC) Meeting The Expectations of Kenya National Examination Council.

Kenya National Examination Council (KNEC) says the Competency-Based-curriculum (CBC) is meeting their expectations. In their latest report, they said that through performance, CBC pupils are capable of solving simple tasks as expected . 

A formative assessment tool formed in 2019, MLP (Monitoring of Learners' Progress) assessed over 1.2 million CBC learners in Grade 3 across the country. Both the Special Needs Education and the regular schools were assessed under CBC. 

Four performance levels were scored in the assessment by teachers which includes; Level 1 (below expectations); Level 2 (approaching expectation) ; Level 3 (meeting expectation) and level 4 ( exceeding expectations) 

The learners' national average score was Level 3 ( Meeting Expectation). Listening and speaking was the best achieved with an average percentage score of 35.85% while Reading Comprehension and Language structure became the 2nd best performed with 33.3%. 

English Language Activities also met the expected threshold of Level 3 in all tasks while Writing Skills and Reading Aloud proved its weaknesses at 32.60% and 31.68% respectively. Mathematical Activities performed as expected an all the 3 strands; Measurements, Geometry, Numbers at 44.55%, 41.37% and 34.04% respectively. 

A good proportion of Geometry learners scored below expectation. English Language and Mathematical Activities hit the expectation with a significant sign of achieving even better. 

According to ILA (Integrated Learning Assessment), Rural learning institutions performed better in Mathematics as compared to Urban schools. Some few lerners however, could not meet expectations in any area of learning. 

In the assessment of Special Needs Education, Communication, Social & Pre-Literacy performed as was expected. A commendable percentage of 43.1 was achieved in Signs and Common Signals. ILA indicates a Level 3 average performance in all of the 7 Special Needs Education activities. 

While presenting the results, Professor Magoha urged all education stakeholders to go through the report in order to understand and appreciate the purpose of CBC. 



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