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Common Visa Application Mistakes To Avoid

Common Visa Application Mistakes To Avoid

Kenyans wishing to travel to various destinations around the world are frequently forced to cut their trips short due to visa-related snags that can be avoided during the application process.

The incident involving Africa’s fastest man, Ferdinard Omanyala, who is set to compete in 100m championships in Oregon, US, brought to light the headache and stress that most Kenyans experience when planning their journeys.

Aside from obtaining a passport, some countries require Kenyan visitors to apply for a Visa, which has a fee.

The basic requirements for filling out visa forms include family and given name, gender, date of birth, passport country, passport number, passport date of issue and expiry, and place of issue.

The majority of travelers receive their approved e-Visas within 72 hours of applying.

Common Mistakes

Kenyans are frequently denied visas due to errors in completing application forms or leaving out critical information.

Various embassies expect Kenyans to provide exact details that correspond to those on their passports. Any differences in spelling result in the application being automatically rejected.

The majority of Kenyans make mistakes when entering their passport number, date of issue, and expiry date.

When copying the digits, errors occur, which may render the entire process null and void.

Most embassies will not accept applications that are incomplete.

Kenyan travelers must upload an image of their passport, a recent passport-size photograph, and proof of travel when completing the Visa form. Failure to complete the form as specified results in disqualification.

Embassies reject applications with passports that do not clearly show all of the information. The use of flashlights should be avoided because it causes reflections that interfere with communication clarity.

Common Visa Applications Mistakes To Avoid
Common Visa Applications Mistakes To Avoid

Others miss out because they do not present the correct size of a passport-size photograph, which does not match the format specified on the application form.

Proof of travel relevant to the applicant’s reason for visiting should be uploaded.

Tourists require a hotel reservation as well as onward flight tickets. Failure to present proof of travel results in immediate disqualification by any Embassy.

Kenyans traveling for other reasons, such as medical or business, must also upload the necessary documentation. Failure to do so results in the Visa being denied.

Alternatives for Kenyans Who Have Been Refused Visas

According to the issue, Kenyans who are unable to travel due to Visa issues are given second chances by embassies and consulates.

Those who make errors are allowed to correct them before submitting new requests.

The Visa application fee, on the other hand, is non-refundable. Kenyans must pay the required fee again for any new application.

If the process is rejected, Kenyans who applied through travel agencies may have some of their application fees refunded.

A visa does not guarantee a Kenyan’s entry into the destination country. The permit merely indicates that a Kenyan traveler is authorized to enter the other country.

Based on immigration laws, immigration officers conduct inspections to determine whether a Kenyan may enter the country.

The validity of visas varies by country. A Kenya entry visa is valid for three months from the date it is issued.

However, there has been a global delay in visa processing, affecting millions of travelers.


Jane Marriott, the British High Commissioner in Nairobi, recently admitted that her office was overwhelmed by the growing demand and backlog caused by the pandemic.

Kenyans should apply for visas six weeks before their departure date to allow the Embassy enough time to process them.

She emphasized that the delayed process was affecting more than just Kenyans.

Common Visa Application Mistakes To Avoid


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