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Common Schools Practices And Traditions Performed Ahead of KCPE & KCSE Exams

Common Schools Practices And Traditions Performed Ahead of KCPE & KCSE Exams.

Principals and other people involved in education do things to motivate students before national exams.

Each custom practised throughout that time period is established in the nation’s educational regulations.

They include preventing exam fraud and motivating and enabling the candidate before the transfer.

Before rehearsals for the Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) and Kenya Primary School Education Assessment (KPSEA) for sixth-grade pupils, certain customs are observed.

Candidates for the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) do these things before they take their exams.

Scrubbing Desks and Floors

This is a typical practice, especially in public schools where students share desks and other amenities.

The majority of exam centre administrators urge the cleaning of desks and walls to prevent instances of cheating.

When desks are clean, invigilators can better supervise students and even avoid the cancellation of school results owing to charges of cheating.

Special Meals

Candidates are given special diets during the test and even days before the game starts to get them excited.

Teachers claim that special lunches are incentives for students before tests.

According to experts, it also helps create a level playing field so applicants can perform their best on national tests.


Former Education Cabinet Secretary George Magoha prohibited school prayer days preceding national exams. He said that the session permitted some parents to smuggle exam-cheating materials to students who had been flagged.

However, several institutions invented additional unique methods to boost students’ morale before exams.

Among the new habits is inviting religious leaders to lead institutions in supplication prayers.
Organising Trips

Some schools, particularly private ones, send applicants on field trips.

The purpose of the visits was always to allow applicants to relax and begin their tests with a clear head.

Headteachers Party

Before exams, some institutions host special celebrations for students. Some boarding institutions refer to this meal as the last supper.

Teachers and other education stakeholders make promises to candidates to motivate them during the parties.

Some candidates are promised all-expenses-paid trips, scholarships, money, and even electronic devices for their outstanding performance.

Other methods included not letting students get success cards until final exams were done, discouraging students from talking after each exam, and telling candidates to exercise or even shout after each exam.

But some schools banned certain practices, like academic fires where students burned their books, especially after their final exams.

Common Schools Practices And Traditions Performed Ahead of KCPE & KCSE Exams


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