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Class 8 Pupil Slaps Teacher Over Assignment, Rans From School

Class 8 Pupil Slaps Teacher Over Assignment, Rans From School

Police in Narok County are looking for a Class 8 student from Nkararo Primary School who escaped after slapping a teacher on duty when he was asked to hand over his assignment.

According to Willy Korir, the secretary of the Kenya National Union of Teachers (KNUT) in Trans Mara, the teacher, Charles Miruka, has albinism and was slapped in the face.

During the incident, he is said to have bled and also lost his sunglasses in front of other students.

Mr. Miruka was treated and released from a local medical facility, while the student fled the school grounds and has yet to be found.

The KNUT secretary demanded that the suspect, who is alleged to be over the age of 18, be arrested immediately.

“We are calling upon the police to immediately arrest the suspect. Why is it when a teacher is wronged no one is taking the matter seriously? We are calling upon the government to give maximum protection to all the teachers in the country” said Mr. Korir.

This comes barely days after a teacher was beaten in a fight involving students from five secondary schools who had gathered in Kilgoris, Narok County, for a live set book performance.

The host Poroko Secondary School’s teacher, identified by police as Fred Machokaa, allegedly observed some students from Kilgoris Boys School in a “compromising situation” with one of his female students.

He then dispersed them, which irritated the visiting students, who assaulted him with blows and kicks, prompting Poroko students to come to his aid.

Students from the visiting school began throwing plastic chairs, rocks, and a hail of other projectiles at their hosts, causing chaos that resulted in three students being seriously injured and property of unknown value being destroyed.

Two students suffered head, neck, and chest injuries in the 5 p.m. melee and were admitted to a local hospital in fair condition, while a third was treated and discharged in fair condition as well.

Police officers at Kilgoris police station had a difficult time containing the riotous students who destroyed Poroko’s school bus, window panes in one of the dormitories, and plastic chairs,” detectives added.

Class 8 Pupil Slaps Teacher Over Assignment, Rans From School


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