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Civil Servant’s Salaries And Allowances Per Job Groups

Civil Servant’s Salaries And Allowances Per Job Groups

Have you ever wondered how the government calculates compensation for its many employees?

What are the job groupings, and what rewards do you stand to enjoy as a government servant?

This is the responsibility of the Salaries and Remuneration Commission (SRC), led by its chairwoman Lyn Mengich.

Established under Article 230 of the 2010 Constitution of Kenya, the SRC is intended to equalize wages for state and public officers.

The principles of pay determination include the affordability and sustainability of the Public Sector wage bill, equity and transparency, the attraction and retention of required skills, and productivity and performance.

The jobs of civil officials are grouped together, and their salaries are listed from least to most.

Job group B1

This is the lowest occupational group in Kenya and comprises workers with few skills.

Officer III, Support Staff, Operator III, and Attendant III comprise this group, whose compensation scale is from Ksh11,553 to Ksh14,442.

Job Group B2

This group consists of competent and lower-level supervising personnel. The salary scale for Job group B2 is Ksh14,007 – Ksh17,508.

Job group B3

This group’s base pay ranges from Ksh16,777 to Ksh20,974.

Job group B4

Formerly, Group G, is composed of skilled personnel who earn basic wages between Ksh19,859 and Ksh24,823.

Job group B5

Civil officials in this position are mainly top executives and senior specialists (heads of institutions) and have a salary of between Ksh23,176 and Ksh28,970.

Job group C1

Not only are the workers in this group highly skilled, but they also earn between Ksh28,970 and Ksh39,110 monthly.

Job group C2

Formerly known as group K, this category of employees earns between Ksh36,411 and Ksh47,373.

Job group C3

In this group, employees who undergo training before being hired earn between Ksh44,898 and Ksh56,326.

Job group C4

This grade’s professionals earn between Ksh54,532 and Ksh68,165 with a little amount of job experience and advanced academic credentials.

Job Group C5

With a salary range of Ksh64,919 to Ksh81,148, job group C5 comprises a substantial portion of Kenya’s skilled labor force.

Job Group D1

Most Group D1 personnel hold entry-level management positions and earn between Ksh81,148 and Ksh109,550 annually.

Job group D2

This is the eleventh level of the civil service classification system. These employees make between Ksh97,184 and Ksh130,226 per year.

Job Group D3

The group’s compensation ranges from Ksh114,334 to Ksh152,064 and consists of managerial staff.

Job Group D4

Professionals in this group, primarily in the middle or high-level management, are highly skilled and earn between Ksh132,178 and Ksh174,425.

Job Group D5

These are among the highest-paid employees in Kenya. Between Ksh150,202 and Ksh198,267 is what they earn.

Job group E1

Employees under E1 earn between Ksh198,267 and Ksh257,747.

Job group E2

With a pay range of Ksh221,508 to Ksh288,954, these employees are the second-highest paid in Kenya. The position requires a high level of experience.

Job group E4

The salary range for job group E4 is between Ksh292,765 and Ksh571,120.

The job category consists of employees with a high degree of education and commensurate work experience who are highly competent and specialized, primarily occupying high-level managerial roles.

On allowances;

Commuter allowance

This includes transportation to and from work as well as official errands. Groups B1 through C1 receive a minimum monthly commuter stipend of Ksh3,000, while Group C2 receives Ksh4,000.

Other allowances in Kenya

These allowances add a substantial amount to the basic wage and include the following:

Transfer allowance:

After a transfer, employees are entitled to a stipend to assist with their relocation and adjustment.

Risk allowance:

This is offered to employees exposed to hazardous situations and risks on the job.

Hardship allowance:

This is a benefit enjoyed by civil personnel in remote and rural locations.

Civil Servant’s Salaries And Allowances Per Job Groups


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