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Church Elder Impregnates Standard 7 Mentally Ill Pupil

Church Elder Impregnates Standard 7 Mentally Ill Pupil.

A family in Gatundu South’s Ikuma village is seeking justice after their mentally challenged daughter was allegedly defiled and impregnated by a local church elder.

The 14-year-old Standard Seven student is three months pregnant and has been forced to drop out.

According to family members, the man, who is well known to the girl and her family, offered to adopt the girl and help her with her education because the family is poor and cannot meet the girl’s educational needs.

They claimed that the man, who is also a member of the Kikuyu Council of Elders in the village, is financially well-off and was eager to help the girl, but they had no idea he had ulterior motives.

The family gratefully accepted the man’s noble offer, hoping that their daughter would receive a good education and a good lifestyle.

According to the girl’s mother, they trusted the man because he is a church leader and a village elder. 

But they had no idea he was out to prey on her daughter and destroy her life.

The distraught mother stated that her daughter told her that the man, who is married, has been forcing her to take family planning pills, which she refused three and a half months ago.

“She stopped taking the pills and ended up conceiving. It’s so painful. All I want is justice for my daughter,” she said amid sobs.

According to the minor, the man used to entice her with freebies such as sweets, soda, biscuits, and cakes in order to buy her silence.

“He warned me not to tell anyone or else he’d harm me,” the girl said.

A doctor’s report obtained by the Star stated that the girl had a history of rape, which occasioned her pregnancy.


The report further indicates that she bears zero sexually transmitted diseases.

The suspect was arrested and arraigned, according to a police officer at Gatundu police station.

He claimed that the court granted the police additional detention time to complete the investigation.

Church Elder Impregnates Standard 7 Mentally Ill Pupil


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