Friday, January 27, 2023
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CBC Will Be A Total Disaster. Bomet Governor Dr Hillary Barchok says 8-4-4 Was The Best System.

Bomet Governor Dr Hillary Barchok who is also a curriculum expert has said CBC has a success rate of 10 per cent. He warns that CBC will be a total disaster to the country.

“Analyze all the other document even the framework itself, full of errors.” He said the framework does not even give the correct or full definition of the concepts.

“If an expert coming up with a curriculum cannot differentiate between a ‘learning theory’ and a ‘theory of curriculum’ then I don’t know which direction we are taking. It means we have quacks who are masquerading as experts in the curriculum. We have entrusted the lives of our children to the wrong people.” Said Dr Hillary.

The Governor also noted that the country may need a national discourse on the curriculum issue because we are headed to a disaster. He said we cannot be compared with countries that are endowed with resources since we are already struggling.

According to Dr Hillary, 8-4-4 was the best system since the success of this CBC is based on examinations as well.

According to a governance and education rights advocacy specialist, Janet, Muthoni Ouko, Competency-Based Curriculum (CBC) is a system that allows every child to fully explore their potential but warned that it might fail the government fail to fund its implementation.

“Some of the failures of 8-4-4 are due to us, the way we went mutilating for factors such as lack of resources. 8-4-4 suffered due to lack of resources unavailability and also how we are inconsistent in maintaining our policies and so CBC might suffer the same fate if the government does not deliberately fund the implementation of CBC.” She said.


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