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CBC Training ready to kick off for 18000 Teachers nationwide


  • Following the success in the recent Grade Four assessments, the state is warming up to fully continue with face-to-face learning amidst the rising crisis of the Covid-19 with estimated 18,000 teachers set to undergo Competence-Based Curriculum (CBC) training.

The Teachers Service Commission (TSC) has rolled out training programs for teachers of CBC from November 23rd to December 5th 2020. This is according to the circular seen by Teachers Updates released by TSC National Director of Quality Assurance and Standards Dr Reuben Nthmal.

Sent to TSC Regional directors, the circular indicates that the training will commence when the school terms advance on the stipulated dates and will be carried out in two phases.

The first concourse will begin on the 23rd of November and conclude on November 28th. This will include Curriculum Support Officers (CSO), Training of Trainers (TOTS) and CBC champions, Special Needs Education CBC (SNE)

This is accompanied by Teacher Training in each zone at the zonal level. The SNE teachers as well undergo training at the zonal level from 29th November to 5th December. National Masters Training will instruct the CBC champions and the Curriculum Support Officers (CSO) at the county level.

Headteachers will be expected to attend the exercise for one day followed by zonal teacher training where training will take place for 5 days. Regular and special school teachers from Grade 1 to 3 will be represented by one teacher per Grade while Grade Four will be represented by 2 teachers.

Dr Nthamburi warned against replacing CBC Champions urging county directors to appoint two CBC champions to deliver the training in areas without CSOs. The Teachers Service Commission has trained 339,743 public and private school tutors on Competency-Based-Curriculum.

This comes as plans to roll out CBC for Grade 5 are in place according to Education PS Dr Bello Kipsang who affirmed that all books for Grade Five have been approved, printed and distributed.



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