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CBC is Going Nowhere, Gachagua Assures Kenyans

CBC is Going Nowhere, Gachagua Assures Kenyans

Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua has directed the Competency-Based Curriculum task force to investigate the benefits and drawbacks of the new system.

Gachagua stated during an induction meeting with the 49-member education reform task force led by Raphael Munavu on Wednesday that the government is interested in knowing the truth rather than being praised.

“Professor Munavu and your team, the way the outgoing CS has said, tell us the truth, raw as it is and don’t look back. We are not interested in being praised and being told what we want to hear,” Gachagua said. 

The DP, on the other hand, reiterated that the CBC system is here to stay and that the task force’s mandate is to purely assess areas for improvement in order to make it better for Kenyan students.

“CBC is going nowhere, it is not being repealed, it is only going to be improved,” said.

Leaving Education CS President William Ruto, according to George Magoha, will not abolish CBC.

Magoha, who attended the event, stated that Ruto assured the education stakeholders that CBC would not be scrapped.

“I thank the president for having assured us severally that CBC is going nowhere and we will be working to ensure it survives,” he said.

He charged the Munavu-led task force with putting children first in all decisions.

“Ruto said it is better to focus on the child. To the committee whatever decision you make the constant should be the child”

The task force was established as part of President William Ruto’s campaign agenda to address issues and complaints raised by stakeholders about the new system.

Ruto directed the task force to address three major concerns about the competency-based curriculum.

The task force will submit recommendations on the basic education sector, competency-based curriculum, and the higher education sub-sector, according to the president’s gazette notice.

The team is expected to elaborate on the implementation of key curriculum tenets.

“Implementation of aspects guiding the competency-based approach including but not limited to value-based education, community service learning, parental empowerment and engagement,” the gazette notice reads.

The team will also assess learner assessment, quality assurance, and CBC standards.

Ruto also directed the team to investigate teacher training and deployment.

The technology for curriculum delivery, improved learning outcomes and education management, public school categorization policies and their implications for access, transition, and cost according to the notice.

According to the task force’s recommendations, the higher education subsector will also undergo reform.

Ruto requested that the Munuva team examine legislation in higher education institutions.

This includes technical and vocational education, as well as universities.

He also directed that the task force recommend criteria for establishing an open university in Kenya.

CBC is Going Nowhere, Gachagua Assures Kenyans


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