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Cambridge Teacher job

About The Institution

Founded in 1978, Makini School has been a leader in the Kenyan education curriculum. We draw on global best practices in pedagogy to provide child-centered learning. 

Makini believes that learning should be fun and intellectually stimulating; to achieve this, all learners are guided and enabled to be in charge of their educational journeys. Here at Makini, not only are we a center of academic excellence but our quality education extends to excellence in sporting and co-curricular activities. 

We promise that every child will make amazing academic progress, will be ready for work in the modern world, and will build their confidence, no matter their starting point. We aim to equip our learners to lead happy and successful lives as much as to become a world-class school.


Cambridge Teacher job description 

  1. Plan, organize and provide instruction that is aligned with Cambridge curriculum and school standards to meet the varied learning styles, abilities, and needs of students in the 21st century. 
  2. Develop and deliver lesson overviews that utilize a broad range of appropriate teaching techniques and strategies. 
  3. Address all aspects of communication through appropriate instruction that develops each student’s knowledge and abilities in appropriate grade levels and subjects. 
  4. Administer academic assessments to evaluate student progress for meeting academic learning targets and progress in knowledge acquisition. 

  5. Establish and maintain standards of student behavior required to run an orderly and productive classroom environment. 
  6. Oversee assigned out-of-classroom activities during the school day, as needed. 
  7. Perform any other duties as directed by the Principal, Deputy Principal, or any other senior management 

Staff Requirements: 

  1. Bachelor’s degree or above in Education. 
  2. Registered by the TSC. 

  3. At least 3 years of teaching experience in Cambridge IGCSE. 
  4. Must possess excellent interpersonal communication and expression skills. 

Education & Professionalism Certification · 

  • Bachelor of Education degree (Education) option or it’s equivalent from a recognized University/ Institution 
  • Be a registered TSC member a) Specialized knowledge 
  • Demonstrate good knowledge and understanding of current educational issues relating to the specialist subject areas b) Skills 
  • Strong leadership skills 

  • Interpersonal skills 
  • Embrace team spirit




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