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Call For Justice After Pupil Dies From Rape Complications

Call For Justice After Pupil Dies From Rape Complications

The mother of a 10-year-old pupil whose death is thought to have been caused by rape-related problems is demanding justice in Bomet County.

According to accounts, the girl was allegedly violated multiple times by her uncle four years ago and required a series of corrective procedures till her death on Tuesday of last week.

The minor was brought to Kenyatta Hospital due to rape-related kidney issues, where she died prematurely.

However, her family remains inconsolable as the offender continues to walk free after his release in 2019 for unknown reasons.

Her mother told Citizen TV that her suffering is exacerbated by thoughts of her daughter’s innocence being snatched by her older brother.

” When I was at home I saw him. He hid whenever he was me, I asked him why he is laughing at me? You have done this to my child, so laugh at me. I want my brother to be jailed,” she said.

Josephine, a well-wisher and officer in the state department for gender, took up the issue to locate and seek justice for the deceased woman.

” I took the girl to court, case was heard, girl started crying when she faced the uncle. She knew him as Osama. She said the man raped her. Towards the end of 2019, we were told he was released,” she said.

When asked about the girl’s four-year battle with treatment, the girl’s caretaker and teacher could not hold back her tears, blaming the offender for the girl’s death.

“When I heard that the man was released I felt so much pain. She had gone through alot and she was crying all the time, she was always in pampers. And you see the cause of her death is that man,” said Susan Muthoni the deputy director at Mary Faith children’s centre.

Wednesday will mark the burial of the child in Sibaiyan village, Chesoen ward.

Call For Justice After Pupil Dies From Rape Complications


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