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Bomet-Greek Varsity Partner On student exchange programmes

Bomet-Greek Varsity Partner On student exchange programmes

Prof. Hillary Barchok, Governor of Bomet, has initiated plans to establish student exchange programs between his country and universities in Athens, Greece, focusing on technical aspects of education.

The governor reiterated the need for students from his region to begin benefiting from programs offered abroad when he hosted the Rector of the National Technical University of Athens (NTUA), Greece, Professor Andreas G. Boudouvis, and his colleague Professor Ioannis Paspaliaris on a return visit to Kenya.

The governor stated that his county and the National Technical University of Athens, Greece (NTUA) would continue to collaborate in the areas of academia, innovation, and technology transfer.

“Bomet County has made a first move to collaborate with NTUA Greece on academia, innovation, and technology transfer and soon my administration and NTUA will now enter into a partnership agreement to roll out a student exchange programme, especially in the technological skills field,” said Prof. Barchok.

By transferring ideas from abroad and conceptualizing them to Bomet, the county hope to revolutionize this region through technology.

Barchok also confirmed that they would soon collaborate with one city in Greece to transform the structure of Bomet town and have a good plan in place to ensure the town looks like a city, adding that talks were already in progress.

The Greek delegation, led by the Kenyan consulate in Greece, Vicky Pantazopoulou, expressed gratitude to NTUA for agreeing to collaborate with the Bomet county government, which would foster a positive relationship with the entire country, adding that Kenyan students would have much to learn in terms of technology.

Ms. Vicky stated that the collaboration discussion began last year when a delegation led by Governor Barchok visited Greece.


“A delegation led by a Kenyan governor visited my country, discussions were brought in and I am glad to announce that we are a step ahead towards actualizing the idea,” Ms. Vicky explained.

Prof. Andreas G. Boudouvis, a rector of the National Technical University of Athens (NTUA), confirmed that his institution is ready to collaborate with Bomet County and commended Barchok for valuing education.

Bomet-Greek Varsity Partner On student exchange programmes


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