Wednesday, March 22, 2023
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BOM Teachers Should Actually Have Been Paid By Now – Magoha

Professor Magoha has broken his silence today over the Board of Management(BOM) teachers payment. The last time the Cabinet Secretary talked about the issue it was when he lied before that all the BOM teachers had received their money.

The CS said that the BOM teachers should actually have been paid by now. He said that the government together with the Ministry of Education had proved the payment over six weeks ago and that his position on the money has not changed.

He asked Kenyans to stop wasting a lot of energy discussing the non-issues. The Ministry of Education promised that it is going to ensure that all non-academic for public learning institutions are paid as well.

The statement has been strongly criticized by the Board of Management teachers who now say that they have been shortchanged because they have not yet been paid even a single cent. 

The Chief Administrative Secretary Mr Zachary Kinuthia had in severally promised that the teachers would receive their money but at the end of the day, nothing reflected on their accounts.

The BOM teachers who have threatened to demonstrate across the country should the money not reflect in their accounts now call for the intervention of the President. 
This Wednesday, 

The Embakasi East Member of Parliament Honorable Babu Owino is expected to give direction on how to go with the devolved 'mother and father' of all demonstrations. Babu asked the police not to say that they were not prepared because teachers are ready. 


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