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BOM Asked To Put School Interests First

BOM Asked To Put School Interests First

Board of Management (BOM) have been asked to prioritize the interests of the schools they lead in order to improve education standards.

Narok County Education Director Jane Njogu stated that the community had entrusted the BOMs with leading the schools in the right direction, and thus improvement was expected in all schools.

She spoke at Ololulunga Boys’ High School during a meeting with new board members from Narok South Sub County schools, where she chastised some members for prioritizing their own interests, which led to conflicts between board members and teachers.

“You came here to serve and not to be served. You should put the interests of the school first so that we can improve education in this county,” said Njogu, adding that the board members had a critical role to play in the growth of the schools.

The education director urged members to bring innovative ideas to the table to improve the schools, saying the community had faith in them.

She reminded the members that their terms are limited to three years before the board is disbanded and new members are appointed.

However, she stated that if a member violates the department of education’s policies, the appointment can be revoked before the three-year term expires.

The BOM is charged with promoting the best interests of the school, ensuring development within the school, and promoting quality education for all learners.

Other key responsibilities include advising the County Education Board (CEB) on the school’s staffing needs and determining cases of learner indiscipline and reporting to the CEB.

The board also helps to recruit Teachers’ Service Commission (TSC) teachers and makes recommendations on teacher disciplinary cases in accordance with TSC regulations.

The school board is made up of six people who are elected to represent the parents of the students in the school or, in the case of county secondary schools, the local community.

One is nominated by the County Education Board, one is a representative of the teaching staff, one is a representative of special groups, and three are representatives of the school’s sponsors.

BOM Asked To Put School Interests First


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