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Best Personal Accident Insurance Covers Providers In Kenya

Personal Accident insurance Covers

Personal Accident (PA) Insurance is a policy to cover individuals and groups from physical injuries and financial loss.

It covers among other things death, Temporary Total Disablement, Permanent Disability, accidental medical expenses, hospital cash, funeral expenses, artificial appliances.

For many institutions, it’s mandatory for one to take personal accident insurance cover before being accepted for attachments or internships.

Many find it so difficult to get insurance companies that offer students personal accident covers in Kenya.

This type of cover is a combination of two products, life insurance and medical insurance as it covers bodily injuries and also pure financial compensation to the insured in form of death and disability benefits.

Insurance premiums for PA insurance policies have a duration of one year and insurance premiums are paid annually.

It’s for this purpose that I decided to research and present to you the list of some of the best and Cheap personal accident insurance covers in Kenya

1. Amaco Student Personal Accident Cover

Cheap & best student personal accident cover kenya

The Amaco Personal Accident Cover is one of the best from African Merchant Assurance Co. Ltd (AMACO).

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It covers death, permanent disability and medical expenses arising from an accident during internships at the place of work and in the learning institutions during the specified cover period.

Contacts: Office located at NEXTGEN Mall, 4th floor, Mombasa Road.
Tel: +254 020 220 4000
Cell: +254 726 312 121/738 312 121

2. KCB Student Personal Accident Cover

Designed for learning institutions as well as individual persons particularly those proceeding to attachments or internships.

The policy has got financially friendly premiums providing compensation for death, permanent disability, medical expenses and funeral expenses as a result of the involvement of the insured student in an accident.


  • Family security
  • Easy claim method
  • Great cover at a lower premium
  • Double indemnity for death/ incapacity whereas travelling in a public transport
  • Legal and observance expenses lined

Contact Information:
Tel:+254 020 228 7000
Cell +254 711 087 000/ 732 187 000
SMS : 22522

3. AIG Student Personal Accident Insurance Cover

AIG is the world’s leading provider of insurance and financial services with its branches all over the continent.

The AIG Personal Accident Insurance cover is well designed for primary, secondary and university students to cover the risk of financial consequences resulting from accidents.

Contact Information

Head office Located at Eden square complex, Chiromo Road, Westlands

P.O.Box 49460 – 00100 Nairobi

Tel: +254 020 367 6000/020 375 1800

Cell: +254 723 600 500 / 723 600 400

Email: aigkenya.aig.com 

4. Britam Students Personal Accident Cover

This is for persons on attachments or internships in the course of their learning period. Britam provides monetary payments in an event of an accident to the insured student.

The policy gives coverage for death, total disability, medical expenses and funeral expenses.

BRITAM-PA Schedule of Benefits

BENEFITSOption AOption BOption COption DOption EOption FOption G
Accidental Death250,000500,000750,0001,000,0002,000,0003,000,0005,000,000
Permanent    Total Dis.PTD250,000500,000750,0001,000,0002,000,0003,000,0005,000,000
Hospital Cash1,0002,0002,0002,5005,0005,0005,000
Temporary    Total Dis.TTD1,5003,5005,0007,50010,00012,50015,000
Medical Expenses50,00050,00075,000100,000200,000250,000300,000
Artificial Appliances10,00010,00010,00017,50020,00025,00030,000
Last Expenses10,00010,00015,00020,00025,00030,00050,000
Annual Premium1,2821,8562,8223,8956,8459,40713,802

Contact Information:

Tel: + 254 020 283 3000

Cell: +254 703 094 000

5. HF Group – (With Terrorism & Political Cover)

Cheap and best personal student insurance cover from HF group

This is a student insurance cover specifically designed for students to cover financial compensation in case of an accident.

The policy covers students in active education and persons on attachments or internships. Education institutions can take this policy to cover their students in case of accidents.

The following categories of benefits are provided by the policy:

  • Death
  • Total and permanent disability
  • Temporary total disability/weekly income loss for those working full-time
  • Unintentional death as a result of acts of political violence and terrorism
  • Accidental Total Permanent Disability as a result of Political Violence and Terrorist Acts (PVT)
  • Hospital Cash for those who work for themselves
  • Medical expenses are reimbursed up to a certain limit.
  • Funeral costs
  • Artificial Devices
  • There is coverage available:


Formalization of the proposal
Premium payment

Who can be protected?

  • Individuals between the ages of 18 and 65
  • Persons under the age of 18 can be covered under their parents’ or guardians’ policy.
  • Persons in gainful employment will be covered for weekly income loss.
    Procedures for Making a Claim for Permanent Kenyan Residents:
  • Notification to the insurance company should be made as soon as reasonably possible through HF Insurance Agency.
    The insurance company should receive the following documentation:
    The insured must complete a Personal Accident Claims Form.

Contact Information:
Head office located at Rehani House, Kenyatta Avenue, Koinange street.

Tel: +254 020 326 2000

Cell: +254 709 438 000Call centre +254 020 326 2888/+254 709 438 888

Toll-free no: 0800 721 400

6. CO-OPERATIVE BANK Personal Accident insurance Covers


  • Worldwide limit
  • Duty or Pleasure
  • 24 hours cover
  • Including winter sports (social)
  • Trustee clause
  • Disappearance clause – 12 Months
  • Cancellation notice – 30 days
  • Drugs exclusion does not apply where drugs are administered by a medical practitioner
  • Exposure clause
  • Hi-jack clause
  • Mountaineering (excluding the use of ropes and guides)
  • Riot, strike and civil commotion
  • Use of motorcycles – below 250cc
  • Up to 85 years


  • Aircrew duties
  • Mountaineering/Speleology
  • Child birth or pregnancy
  • Football (except amateur soccer)
  • Rugby football
  • War and kindred risks
  • Scuba diving
  • Professional game hunting
  • Steeple chasing and Equestrian competitions
  • Racing Risks
  • Winter sports
  • Motor Cycling above 250cc
  • Asbestos Exclusion Clause
Accidental Death100.000250.000500.000750.000
Accidental Medical Expenses50.00050.00075.000100.000
Last Expense20.00050.00075.000100.000
Premiums per Person2505007501.000
Political & Terrorism Risks
Premiums per person
(II)  Covers with Artificial Appliances Benefit – 4 options as follows:-
Accidental Death100.000250.000500.000750.000
Accidental Medical Expenses50.00050.00075.000100.000
Artificial Appliances20.00020.00030.00050.000
Last Expense20.00050.00075.000100.000
Premiums per Person3355158001100
Political & Terrorism Risks Premiums per person70105160220

7. Chartered Bank Personal Accident insurance Covers

To qualify for this product, you are required to hold a  Standard Chartered Bank Current Account, be aged 18-65, and be resident in Kenya.

Benefits Table

Accidental Death2,000,0004,000,0006,000,00010,000,000500,000
Accidental Permanent Total Disability (PTD)2,000,0004,000,0006,000,00010,000,000500,000
Accidental Temporary Total Disability(TTD)15,000 per week payable for a maximum of 104 weeks20,000 per week payable for a maximum of 104 weeks25,000 per week payable for a maximum of 104 weeks30,000 per week payable for a maximum of 104 weeksNot Applicable
Last Expense (accidental and critical illness)  50,000  70,000  100,000  150,000  20,000
Medical Expenses (accident related)200,000400,000600,0001,000,00070,000
Hospital Cash (on hospitalization)10,00015,00020,00025,0003,000
Artificial Appliances(Accidental)  50,000  50,000  50,000  50,000  50,000
Post Accidental Plastic Surgery100,000100,000100,000100,00075,000
Annual Premium            8,850            15,850            22,95036,250            1,980



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