Thursday, December 1, 2022
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Babu Owino Cancells Board Of Management (BOM) Teachers Demonstrations


The flamboyant Embakasi East Member of Parliament has today cancelled the BOM demonstrations that were set to kick off tomorrow on Thursday to compel the Ministry of Education to disburse money meant for BOM teachers as directed by President Uhuru Kenyatta. 

Babu's decision was as a result of information that the BOM teachers had started receiving money in their accounts. On his official Facebook Page, Babu posted;

"I want to take this opportunity to congratulate BOM Teachers for receiving money and warn the government to act with speed next time and pay Teachers on time. My regret is that the demonstrations will not take place tomorrow as planned."

Nonetheless, some teachers complain that they have not received the money yet but most of them are optimistic that money will reach them at the course of the week. Last week the Nairobian MP strongly demanded Education CS Magoha to release the funds.

“The CS Education George Magoha MUST pay the BOM Teacher ASAP. The Government has screwed up teachers and this is causing Consternation and pandemonium among them. Failure to pay will lead to an action which is better imagined than experienced,” read his statement.

Some teachers saluted the youthful Parliamentarian for standing out with teachers, unlike other politicians who remained mum while the Board of Management teachers were suffering. 

Some accused Babu of seeking political mileage while others made fun due to the 'white smoke.' effect.

"Next time let's Demonstrate early enough before they pay so that we can enjoy both money and calming the violent police" Joash Atulo posted. 



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