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Atheists In Kenya Society wants CRE, HRE and IRE Removed From Syllabus Under CBC Reforms

Atheists In Kenya Society wants CRE, HRE and IRE Removed From Syllabus Under CBC Reforms.

Atheists are pushing for a review of religious education in Kenya. Nyende Murnia, President of the Atheists In Kenya Society has submitted the proposal to the Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development (KICD) for consideration.

“Religious Education reform Is a necessary process at this point in time especially now that a number of stakeholders are raising concerns with regards to the Competency-Based Curriculum.” Says Nyende.

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Among its proposal, the Atheist society wants a new subject PHILOSOPHY AND ETHICS to replace CRE, IRE and HRE arguing the subject will provide an inclusive and neutral environment for pupils to better understand and explore the views and opinions of people whose beliefs and values differ from their own. 

“We would like the KICD to afford the country an opportunity to revisit, revise and appraise its religious education system, especially the teaching of CRE, IRE and HRE.”

Back in 2020, Kenyan atheists failed to have Religious education (CRE, HRE, and IRE) removed from the school curriculum and have it replaced with a subject called Religion, Belief, and Values (RBV)

They also wanted God to be taken out of the National Anthem. They said Kenyans who do not believe in God find no relevance in the sentiments of the national anthem.

In a report, the society’s chairperson Harrison Mumia said, “In Kenya, we have religious instruction school children learn about a specific religion. A religion that is not related to religious thoughts, beliefs, and expression.

The religious system in Kenya is outdated and should be replaced with a new subject. Specifically, all government-funded schools at the primary level should change the system.”

At the time the society was pushing to have Kadhi courts removed from the constitution adding that, “Article 170 of our Constitution, which establishes Kadhi Courts, should be abolished.”


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