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AON Minet under probe for ignorance and poor services to teachers

AON Minet is under probe by the Senate for disgracing teachers who seek medical attention. Nominated Senator Rose Nyamunga tabled According to a statement tabled the matter before the committee stating that teachers were facing endless challenges while seeking medical attention in the AON accredited hospitals.

The Senate now wants the Teachers Service Commission (TSC) to check at the happening and rescue teachers it's from the common violation and give them support. The mortification of teachers when attempting to get Medical attention is considerably ironical bearing in mind the billions pumped into the AON medical scheme every year.

“The teachers of this country are a frustrated lot and they feel their lives are potentially endangered by the poor services being offered under AON Minet,” Ms Nyamunga said

Double taxation on educators’ Salaries 

Moreover, the Senate seeks to know why there are double deductions on teachers’ payslips for medical coverage yet they suffer from notably poor services.

In 2019, Minet was granted a Ksh9 billion tender to insure teachers. In 2020, this year, the firm acquired a Ksh12 billion tender for another time and yet another Ksh14 billion is yet to be given to the insurance company next year.

The investigations are at the introductory stages with the Kenya National Union of Teachers, KNUT Secretary General Wilson Sossion being summoned to appear before the Senate to answer to the assertions levelled on Minet.

One of the accusations levelled toward Minet is the great low capitation on teachers’ outpatient services. It also appeared that some teachers are qualified for very low capitation of Kshs900 shillings which is not enough to provide for the doctor’s consultation fee, examinations and drugs.

Given the insufficient sum allocated, teachers are bound to pay for the tests and obtain drugs using their pocket money. The AON Minet has also been accused of slow approval of said small amount leading to frustrations.

Senator Nyamunga says, the insurance company risks the lives of teachers considering that some approvals take up to 4 weeks.

Substandard services

The Senate has also remarked that teachers are handled with substandard services that do not commensurate the double reductions on their payslips. The Kenyan teachers are also restricted from seeking medical services from other hospitals of their choice.

Additionally, the majority of the AON approved hospitals are less equipped and have incompetent or unqualified staff.

 “The teachers of this country are frustrated and feel that their lives are at risk owing to the extremely poor services offered under Minet,” Nyamunga stated.


Below are some of the tweets of frustrated teachers


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