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AON Minet Registration: How to Add NHIF Number & Dependents

AON Minet Registration: How to Add NHIF Number & Dependents

AON Minet is an insurance company that has been contracted by the Teachers Service Commission (TSC) to provide medical services to teachers in Kenya. The services provided include outpatient, inpatient, dental, optical, group cover, and last expense.

One little-known fact is that registration for AON Minet services can be done from the comfort of your couch using a mobile phone. This article will guide you step-by-step on how to register with AON Minet, add dependents, check dependents, registration details, and add NHIF number using the USSD code *865#.

To register for AON services using the USSD code *865#, you will need a working mobile phone number, ID number, and TSC number. Firstly, enter *865# on your dial pad and then press send.

This will bring up a message that reads “Welcome to TSC Medical Scheme”. Choose “Self Registration” by selecting 1 and then entering your TSC number. You will then be prompted to select your role as either Principal, Deputy Principal, or Teacher.

Choose your gender and confirm that all details entered are correct by selecting “Yes”.

To add dependents on TSC AON Minet via the USSD code, you need to enter the code *865# and then choose “Register dependents”. The message “SELECT DEPENDENT TO REGISTER” will pop up, and you can select either Spouse, Son, or Daughter.

You can continue with the process until you register all your dependents. To check AON Minet dependents, select “My dependents” after entering the USSD code *865#. A message will appear showing all your dependents.

To check AON Minet registration details, enter the code *865# and select “Check Registration details”.

If you want to add your NHIF number to AON Minet, navigate to your dial pad and enter the USSD code *865#. Then, choose “Add NHIF no” and confirm your NHIF number by selecting “Yes”.

Overall, registering for AON Minet services has been made easy, and you don’t have to travel to an AON-accredited hospital to do so.

By using the USSD code *865#, you can register and enjoy the many services offered by AON Minet at your convenience.

How to Register With AON Minet & Add Dependents Using USSD code *865#


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