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Analysis Of Impact Of Suspension Of Students By Teachers As Discipline Management Strategy On KCSE

Disciplinary action in schools is good for positive behavioural change. Through discipline conducive learning environments created and when it's perfectly achieved in schools it becomes instrumental in learners academic performance. 

The study by the Masaai Mara University students from the School of Education, Department of Educational Management Policy and Curriculum Studies concentrated on the examination of the influence of suspension as a discipline oversight strategy on KCSE performance in public secondary schools in Tharaka-Nithi County, Kenya. 

The objective of this survey was to ascertain the influence of suspension, on the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) performance. The county has had a tendency of grade wastage from Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) to KCSE. 

The research adopted an illustrative survey research design which used a mixed-method approach. The study targeted 104 public high schools in Tharaka-Nithi County, with ten boys secondary schools, 17 girls schools & 77 mixed secondary schools. 

purposive sampling, Stratified random method and Krejcie and Morgan population sample table were employed to distinguish the sample size.  Respondents in this study were Principals and teachers. Interview schedule for 346 teachers and 21 principals were employed as tools for data collection.

The analysis sampled 42 secondary schools, which constituted 40 per cent of the overall population size. The researcher assembled the instruments with outstanding judgment by supervisors. Cronbach’s Alpha Coefficient (α) was used to determine the reliability of the instruments. 

A pilot investigation of 10 per cent of the sampled schools and respondents was conducted from each school category. Alpha index of 0.869 was obtained for the teachers’ samplings. The reliability of the interview roster was ensured by the consistency of the questions and the order in which they were attended to. 

The analysis used descriptive statistics which comprised of frequencies, mean (measures of central tendencies) and standard deviation (measures of dispersion). Inferential statistics Pearson was wielded to assessing the relationships of the hypotheses with the assistance of Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS) in evaluating the data. 

The data from the interview directory was categorized thematically, transcribed and later submitted verbatim in order to triangulate the outcomes. 

The results disclosed that the suspension of indisciplined learners negatively impacts KCSE Performance. The findings of this analysis are intended to be of advantage to numerous stakeholders, who are sensitized with contemporary knowledge on alternative disciplinary techniques to be employed on students’ discipline in schools. 

The policymakers are assisted to emerge with a new policy on the practice of alternative correctional methods in schools.


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