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All Set For KPSEA, KCPE Exams

All Set For KPSEA, KCPE Exams.

More than three million pupils are preparing for the end-of-primary-school examination.

More than 1.6 million Grade 6 Kenya Primary School Education Assessment  (KPSEA) candidates have registered.

On Friday, students participated in a rehearsal while teachers verified conformity with exam regulations.

Currently, primary schools will administer two test sections: Class 8 and Grade 6.

“Because other learners are not in school, we will use the upper section for Class 8 and Grade 6 will utilise lower classes,” a headteacher in Nairobi told the Star.

During practice, students were observed removing any foreign stickers from their exam equipment.

This contains price labels, packaging, the casing for geometrical sets, the nylon casing for rulers, and rubbers.

The students were also urged to strictly enter the exam room with the items requested by the school.

The teachers also requested that kids leave at home any unnecessary items.

“Things like money, sweets should not be found in your pockets. We will check for that before every paper,” the teacher told learners during rehearsal.

On Monday, candidates for the eighth grade will take tests in mathematics, English language, and composition.

They will have Science, Kiswahili, and Insha on Tuesday.

On the final day of the Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE), the Social Studies and Religious Education sections will be administered.

In addition, the first exam for Grade 6 will be in mathematics and will be administered on Monday.

Tuesday will be assessment day for both Integrated Science and Kiswahili.

The first examination will conclude on Wednesday with the Creative Arts and Social Studies sections.

In contrast to Class 8 applicants, Grade 6 students will not take the Composition or Insha exams.

The subjects for sixth grade have been grouped into five groups.

Science and Technology, Agriculture, Home Science, and Physical Health are included in Integrated Science.

Social studies, Christian, Islamic, and Hindu education, arts and crafts, and music are all included in Creative Arts and Social Studies.

The summative assessments contribute 60%, while the school-based assessments each contribute 20%.

In contrast to the KCPE exams, in which candidates are graded on a scale of 100 percent, the KPSEA will only account for 40 percent of the final score.

The remaining 60% will be derived through classroom-based continuous assessment examinations administered in Grades 4, 5, and 6.

As with the KCPE, answer sheets for the KPSEA will be personalized, with each candidate’s name and assessment number printed on the answer sheet for each subject.

On the score sheet, each question will include multiple-choice answers, and applicants are expected to select only one accurate answer.

“Supervisors and invigilators should ensure candidates are issued with personalised mark sheets that bear their correct names and assessment numbers,” Knec CEO David Njeng’ere said.

The morning sessions will begin at 8.30am, and applicants are expected to be seated 15 minutes beforehand. The supervisor must receive a satisfactory explanation from tardy employees.

All Set For KPSEA, KCPE Exams


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