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All Schools To Have Internet Installation Under Ruto’s Plan

All Schools To Have Internet Installation Under Ruto’s Plan

President William Ruto wants all schools in the country to have internet access in order to stay up with the ever-changing employment market and technological progress.

During a meeting with Google on Thursday, October 28, the head of state said that the partnership with the multinational tech company will help students learn about new trends in their fields of study.

“To empower young Kenyans with competitive skills at the earliest possibility, there is a real opportunity for partnership in implementing Google’s Computer Science Unplugged curriculum to prepare the next generation of the globally relevant digital workforce.

He said that his government wants to lead the world in the Fourth Industrial Revolution and keep doing so.

Ruto noted that his govt will ensure that Kenya can connect to and support worldwide supply chains from a competitive position.

Future career prospects for Kenyans would also be generated by embracing technology, he noted.

He stated that business process outsourcing provides a genuine opportunity for a youthful, highly educated, motivated, and productive workforce.

“Kenya must raise its competitiveness and claim its share of this job creator and income generator in order to raise the contribution of the digital workforce to the economy,” Ruto stated.

On the other side, he pledged to construct Kenya’s first Open University to provide Kenyans with affordable online education.

Moreover, he urged the global telecommunications corporation to collaborate with small enterprises, particularly those in the Juakali sector, to combine technology and their expertise.

This, he claimed, will allow many Kenyans to sell their goods on the worldwide market.

“Our tremendous informal sector, whose MSMEs employ 85 percent of non-farm labour, as well as our agricultural sector, which contributes half of our GDP and provides incomes for two-thirds of Kenyan households, can become a force to reckon with if it organizes itself in the digital economy,” he stated.

Along with the head of state were the ICT Cabinet Secretary Eliud Owalo and the U.S. Ambassador Meg Whitman.

All Schools To Have Internet Installation Under Ruto’s Plan


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