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Absenteeism In Meru Schools As Ravaging Draught Persist

Absenteeism In Meru Schools As Ravaging Draught Persist

The harsh reality has hit school administrators in Meru County’s drought-stricken areas, where some areas have not seen rain in more than three years.

The sub-counties of Igembe Central, Igembe North, Tigania East, Tigania West, and Buuri are among the hardest hit.

According to county education officials, as schools reopened this week, teachers began to consider how to feed learners and keep them in class.

Mr Geoffrey Itiiri, headteacher at Mweromalia Primary School stated that at least 100 of 350 pupils were absent due to the drought.

During the previous semester, the school received food rations, but they ran out after two weeks.

There is no water in the schools, which causes students to suffer. There is a significant rate of absenteeism.

“Those who do attend school tell us there is nothing to eat at home. This is a significant issue in this region,” said Mr. Itiiri.

Mr. Francis Mwikirwa, the deputy headmaster at Tigania West’s Nkiluthu Primary School, said that some students had told teachers that their parents had abandoned them in search of food and work.

He claimed that the 450-student school had a high dropout rate, with fewer than 250 students present on Wednesday.

President William Ruto launched a convoy of 50 vehicles carrying a variety of food products to be distributed to over 3.5 million needy Kenyans across 23 counties on Monday. However, how much food will be provided in schools is unknown.

The Meru County Assembly met on Tuesday to discuss how to alleviate the suffering of schoolchildren, with Athwana MCA Jim Muchui urging immediate action to reduce dropouts and absenteeism.

“Due to the severe drought, several schools in my ward opened with only half of their normal enrollment. We require school nutrition programs immediately to keep students in class, stated the MCA.

According to the Muthara ward’s MCA, Aurelio Murangiri, approximately seven schools are affected, and many students are absent.

Absenteeism In Meru Schools As Ravaging Draught Persist


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