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6 Students Charged With “Gang-Raping” Schoolmate

6 Students Charged With “Gang-Raping” Schoolmate

In Nyeri County, six secondary school students have been charged with the gang rape of a 16-year-old girl. ​

The suspects, between 13 and 17 years old, were charged with gang rape and indecent conduct with a minor.

On Monday, the juveniles who allegedly committed the offence at about 6:00 p.m. on October 30 appeared before Senior Resident Magistrate Faith Muguongo.

The court heard that the girl was heading home from school when one of the suspects, a neighbour and schoolmate, invited her to his residence.

The suspect then locked her in one of the home’s single rooms before he and his accomplices raped her in turns.

A police report presented in court revealed that, following the event, the victim did not disclose what had occurred until the following school day.

The school’s deputy principal, who is listed as a witness in the lawsuit, hurried her to the hospital, where it was determined that her reproductive system had been significantly damaged.

Part of the statement stated, “The minor has since been admitted and is in stable condition.”

“The minor has since been admitted and is in stable condition,” read part of the document.

The accused’ attorney requested their release on bond because their detention would interfere with their studies.

Mr. Ngugi, a lawyer who supported the allegation, informed the court that one of the accused was a Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) candidate who had missed some courses due to his arrest.

However, the prosecution rejected the request for bond, arguing that releasing the accused would further traumatize the victim.

“Since some of the suspects already share an environment with the victim, I would like the court to order for a probation report that will show the victim’s impact assessment before granting bond,” said the prosecution.

The magistrate emphasized in her instructions that the alleged offences were serious and that the accused could not be released on bond without a report from the probation officer.

“Meanwhile, the suspects will be retained at the Ruring’u Children’s Home awaiting the report,” she said.

The magistrate underlined that claims of “framing” could only be brought up and addressed during the trial.

The proceeding resumes on November 11.

Girl dies after being ‘defiled’ by an alleged pastor

Thursday evening, police in Rangwe sub-county are searching for a pastor suspected of defiling a 10-year-old girl and attempting to strangle her.

Detectives seized an old woman who allegedly accompanied the suspect to the victim’s home in Kamuombo village, Kamenya sub-location, where the victim was raped.

The girl, known as Vivian Akoth, perished after visiting her grandmother’s residence.

She was tasked with collecting a jerrican that she intended to use to collect water.

Unknown to her was the man who resided in the residence.

According to her grandmother, the man was her guest from Kisumu.

She just identified him as Abraham and was unaware of his origins in Kisumu.

He was in the house for prayers while wearing a robe worn by Legion Maria members.

A police report stated that the suspect sexually assaulted Akoth.

He then attempted to strangle her, causing her severe pain.

After Akoth was taken to the hospital, the incident became public.

Thursday of that week, the family’s neighbor arrived at the residence after learning from the grandmother that her grandchild was in agony.

Akoth was brought to the Nyagoro dispensary for initial care.

However, the local doctors were unable to determine what was wrong with her.

Sunday, she was brought to the Homa Bay County Teaching and Referral Hospital, where physicians determined she had been violated.

Additionally, a clinical officer has been arrested for allegedly molesting a 15-year-old girl.

By this point, her condition had deteriorated.

Akoth told physicians that the man she discovered in her grandmother’s home violated her.

On Sunday, Akoth passed away at the hospital.

Director of Children’s Services for Homa Bay County, Peter Kutere, verified the occurrence.

He stated that police had not located the culprit.

“The grandmother was detained instead. Until the child revealed that she was defiled, the senior citizen did not know what had happened,” Mr Kutere said.

On Monday, she gave a statement at the DCI office in Homa Bay town as police followed the suspect.

6 Students Charged With “Gang-Raping” Schoolmate


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