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58 TVET Institutions Hold Drama Festivals In Embu

58 TVET Institutions Hold Drama Festivals In Embu

TVET institutions held their national drama festivals at St. Marks Kigari Teachers College Embu, bringing together 58 TVET institutions from across the country and nearly 2,000 participants.

Michael Alwanga of Siaya Institute of Technology, who praised the event, stated that the drama festival is important in character development and that each performance brings out talent, which fosters moral responsibility among the students.

He added that the drama festivals in TVET institutions also aim to nurture talents among the youth and make TVET institutions more appealing to Kenyan youth.

The drama festivals, themed ‘promoting moral responsibility through theatre and film,’ saw performances from various TVET institutions across the country address issues affecting youths and communities across the country.

Manyatta Member of Parliament (MP) Gitonga Mukunji, who was delighted with the event in Embu County, stated that he will work to improve TVET institutions in Kenya, noting that TVET institutions are Kenya’s future.

Mukunji also urged Parliament to ensure that TVET institutions in Kenya are adequately funded and that the government releases the institution’s funds on time.

He went on to say that many institutions were unable to participate in the auspicious event due to financial constraints.

“Many institutions here in Embu and across the country have failed to participate due to financial constraints. I urge parliament to ensure that TVET institutions are well funded and that the Government releases the institution’s finances on time,” said the MP.

The lawmaker urged parents not to let their children stay at home after finishing secondary school, but rather to enroll them in TVET institutions because they are the country’s future.

Wilson Ndirangu of Mitunguu Technical Institute wrote his institution’s Kiswahili choral verse on the effects of social media and the internet on the youth, a play that had the audience at the festival mimicking their performance and urging the government to come up with mechanisms on how the youth can benefit financially from the internet given the amount of time they spend on the internet.

According to Ndirangu, many young people spend the majority of their time on the internet, with the majority of them abusing it.

58 TVET Institutions Hold Drama Festivals In Embu


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