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49.2% of TSC Employed Teachers Are Females – Macharia

49.2% of TSC Employed Teachers Are Females – Macharia

During a meeting with the National Assembly’s Select Committee on National Cohesion and Equal Opportunity, Nancy Macharia, the CEO of the Teachers Service Commission, stated that female teachers make up 49.2% of all government-employed tutors.

Macharia’s report also revealed that the commission has a workforce of 346,760 registered teachers who are serving in public primary and post-primary schools. Out of this number, 176,000 are male teachers and 170,760 are female teachers.

The Teachers Service Commission CEO also informed the committee that the commission’s secretariat, which is made up of 2,842 staff members deployed across the country from 35 communities, is comprised of 54% women and 46% men.

This was done in adherence to the equal opportunity policies for both men and women under Article 27 of the Constitution.

Macharia also provided information on the age distribution of teachers and secretariat staff. She stated that the majority of teachers fall within the 30-40 age bracket, with ages ranging from 21 to 65 years.

The age range of secretariat staff members, on the other hand, is between 22 and 64 years.

Furthermore, Macharia shared that the commission has been actively recruiting individuals with disabilities to ensure that at least 5% of employees in public offices are persons with disabilities (PWDs).

As of January 2023, 4,907 teachers with disabilities have been employed by the commission, representing 1.41% of the total number of teachers.

In addition, the commission has 120 secretariat staff members with various forms of disabilities, representing 4.22% of the entire secretariat workforce.

In conclusion, Macharia’s report provides detailed information on the gender, age, and disability distribution of the Teachers Service Commission’s workforce.

The commission’s adherence to equal opportunity policies and progressive affirmative action ensures that both men and women, as well as individuals with disabilities, have an equal chance of employment in public offices.

49.2% of TSC Employed Teachers Are Females – Macharia


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