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4 Things That Education CS Machogu Must Achieve To Outshine Magoha

4 Things That Education CS Machogu Must Achieve To Outshine Magoha

Education Cabinet Secretary Ezekiel Machogu was on the receiving end after announcing that the government would no longer subsidize public colleges and pressing them to develop alternative revenue streams.

Machogu took over a case that was being changed, a job that, according to former CS professor George Magoha, needed someone with a strong personality.

CBC Headache

The career administrator has a difficult assignment. From the Competency-Based Curriculum (CBC) to teachers’ deficit.

MAachogu, who appeared before the Vetting Committee, pledged to eliminate cartels in the ministry, implement the new curriculum, and ensure that parents are not required to pay additional school fees.

“If there are cartels at the ministry it is time that they start packing and go elsewhere. With me at the helm, I will love value for money. We shall do proper monitoring so that we do not lose any money at all,” Machogu stated.
CBC Headache

In the run-up to the August 2022 elections, then-Vice President William Ruto supported the move from the 8-4-4 school system to the CBC system, whose implementation has been ongoing for five years.

“As Kenya Kwanza, we support the progression from what we had as knowledge and exam-based education, only, to the new format of knowledge, skills and competence as well as value-based education,” said intimated.

Concerns about putting into place the curriculum, which is now at the sixth-grade level, include extra costs, not enough training for teachers, a limited number of staff, and not enough space to learn.

University Funding

The public has criticized the CS for saying that colleges and universities should make their own money instead of relying on the exchequer.

“University Fund will be implemented. It is not the responsibility of ministry officers. This organization will be responsible for disbursing the monies. This will become operational during my first month in office.”

The government finances universities using the Maximum Differentiated Unit Cost (MDUC) criterion through the Universities Fund. According to the criteria, the government is anticipated to cover 80% of the expenditures, while universities and households each contribute 20%.

The UFB reported last year that the shortfall in capitation for public institutions had nearly doubled within two years, from Ksh13 billion in 2020 to Ksh27 billion in 2021, an increase of 100.7%.

The report also revealed that capitation per student had decreased by up to Ksh35,616 within the same time period, with the average allocation per student falling from Ksh170,861.68 in June 2020 to Ksh135,244.88 in December 2021.

Teacher shortage

Regarding the teacher shortage, Machogu indicated that the Kenya Kwanza administration will initially hire at least 30,000 instructors in order to hire at least 116,000 additional teachers.

He stated that the internship program should also be institutionalized because it is more cost-effective. He stated that once an individual has served as an intern, they are eligible for permanent employment.

Ruto pledged during his candidacy to eliminate the deficit in public schools within two fiscal years.

“For each phase, we will hire 58,000 teachers when we form the government, to close that gap.’’

Ruto stated that Ksh25 billion will be allocated annually for capitation, teacher training, and recruitment, primarily in marginalized communities, to ensure that every kid has access to school.

According to the Teacher Service Commission (TSC) annual report for 2021, the teacher shortfall in elementary and secondary schools was 99,213 instructors.

The report given to the National Assembly represented 44,134 elementary schools and 55,079 secondary schools.

Exam Cheating

With the approaching national examination, the CS is in for a difficult assignment, particularly in controlling cheating and eliminating restrictions.

Through bold policies and directives, Dr Fred Matiangi and Professor Magoha were at the forefront of promoting the integrity of national tests.

The Kenya Primary School Education Assessment (KPSEA) and KCPE rehearsals will begin on November 25, 2022, with the tests beginning on November 28 and concluding on November 30, 2022.

The KCSE rehearsals will begin on November 18, 2022, and the test will be administered between November 21 and December 23, 2022.

4 Things That Education CS Machogu Must Achieve To Outshine Magoha


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