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302 students arrested in connection with school fires

302 students arrested in connection with school fires.

According to ministry data, 302 students have been arrested in connection with the recent arson attacks in schools.

Between January and November 11, according to Education Cabinet Secretary George Magoha, the country saw 126 incidences of school unrest.

Statement presented to the National Assembly by Florence Mutua, head of the Education Committee reveals that the administration has so far charged taken 41 suspects to court for various offences.

Magoha’s report was in response to a statement requested by Wilson Sossion, a nominated MP who wanted to know what steps the government had made in reaction to the school unrest.

Learning has been halted in a number of schools in recent months as a result of school fires that targeted dormitories and school property.

A number of schools have been forced to close and send their students home.

The most recent was Jamhuri High School in Nairobi, which was forced to close early this week when a dormitory accommodating 300 students was destroyed by fire.

After similar fire events in the previous week, Maranda High, Kakamega High, Mwala Girls, Nyamira Boys, and Nambale High have all been shuttered and students have been sent home.

The government has devised a series of initiatives to guarantee the safety of kids and school property in order to restore sanity in schools and maintain discipline among students.

The ministry will work with other stakeholders to expedite court cases and secure convictions in all cases involving incitement and property destruction.

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As a means of containing the threat, the ministry is also asking for a sober re-examination of the role of boarding schools in the future.

Congested school calendars, school administration styles, and restricted extracurricular activities are some of the reasons for recent school unrests, according to the ministry.

302 students arrested in connection with school fires


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