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25 Schools to Benefit From Kenya’s Mobile Library Initiative

25 Schools to Benefit From Kenya’s Mobile Library Initiative

More than 4,000 books will be provided to 25 schools in Nairobi and throughout the country as part of Cadbury Kenya’s mobile library initiative.

Langata Road Primary School debuted a publication entitled “In our own words”

Mr. Langa Khanyile, the marketing lead for Cadbury Africa, told the press that Kenyans and Africans have written stories stating that Cadbury is doing everything for Africa.

The purpose of these storybooks is to help children respect African culture, according to Khanyile.

He commended parents who have contributed to ensuring that African children read stories from storybooks and called for Kenyan parents to assist in creating storybooks that children can relate to.

“I thank and appreciate all parents who have contributed in making this happen, we want to make sure our children see themselves in stories they can read,” said Khanyile.

Khanyile observed that a negligible proportion of African stories are composed in African languages.

“Only two per cent of books in Africa are written in African language and two out of three parents have told us that stories written do not represent African context,” added Khanyile.

Khanyile disclosed that Cadbury Kenya had donated 5,000 books to 16 schools, with libraries estimating that about 16,000 children have read them.

Khanyile asked parents to buy their children African storybooks to read.

Ms. Mellisa Asika, the principal of Langata Road Primary School, commended Cadbury Africa for taking the initiative to share African stories to African children.

Asika thanked Cadbury Kenya for bringing storytellers and storybooks to share with the children.

She stated that she is attempting to instill a culture of reading among the youngsters and that she will display the storybooks in the library for all pupils to read.

25 Schools to Benefit From Kenya’s Mobile Library Initiative


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