Tuesday, January 31, 2023
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22-year-old varsity student confesses of killing 5 family members. says he was inspired by dark thriller ‘Killing Eve’

After DCI investigation detectives probe to the gruesome murder of four family members including father Nicholas Njoroge Warunge, mother Anne Njoroge Warunge, last born son and brother Christian Njenga (13 years), Nephew Maxwell Njenga (13 years) and their worker, they bore fruits on their fourth day on Friday as they were able to catch the main suspect in the murder.


22 years old Lawrence Warunge who is the firstborn son to Nicholas Warunge and a university student, had gone missing on Tuesday after the incident took place where on detectives investigations through tracking of his phone, later discovered that he had gone to Naivasha where his girlfriend lived but laterwards around midnight his phone was switched off again and when it came up the signal was tracked to Thika then Kabete where he had run to a family friend who later spooked him out.

After his arrest, he confessed to the DCI that he had killed their worker first then his family members. On his confession, he said he killed the worker by hacking him to death then through the rear door accessed the main house using a bunch of keys and killed his mother by slitting her throat then later killed his cousin Maxwell who was rushing to save his aunt by cutting his head and throat. Laterwards he went to his younger brothers room and killed him as he finally attacked his father who fell from a balcony.

He led the detectives to Jikaze, Mai Mahiu, at a pit latrine where he had burnt some items had hidden the tools that were used to carry out the murders. At the scene, items found included clothes, shoes, a knife and scissors that had been used and keys, purported to be the ones he had used to access his fathers home as there was no evidence of forced entry and other items.

The bodies of the members were found with several cut wounds with that of father Nicholas Warunge found with 34 stab wounds.

Lawrence who was living adjacent to his fathers home in the same compound is said to not have been in good terms with his parents accusing them of witch-hunting him where he had even on December gone ahead and reported his mother Anne Njoroge Warunge accusing her of witchcraft but the report was never recorded.

His girlfriend who shifted is being searched by the investigators for the probe. A dispute over property though is believed to be the motive of the murders.


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